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Kindle Owners Lending Library Recommendations? about 1 month ago statest09 0
Is the book club dead? 1 day ago Uncle Taco bio_shocker 12
If you liked Rocky or Into the Wild, you may enjoy A Hollow Fight. about 1 month ago mdawg1279 sillybat 1
E-reader or a Book ? Which one do you prefer ? about 1 month ago technocrat1 Kaic 20
Ancillary Justice, Part II: Discuss 3 months ago Adi Robertson Dthawks27 4
What are you reading? about 1 month ago bolre aarontsuru 28
Books that predicted the future unknowingly about 1 month ago starfishx xMP44x 3
Ancillary Justice, Part I: Discuss 4 months ago Adi Robertson cgilmore 8
To Make an Elephant Dance – A review of Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance? 5 months ago ***** Theorize 1
We're reading 'Ancillary Justice' in March: reading schedule here 5 months ago Adi Robertson KeithZG 8
Favourite Feminist or Strong Female Lead Sci-Fi Books? 4 months ago aarontsuru aarontsuru 9
Voting for March is now open 5 months ago Adi Robertson 0
'Ringworld' Chapters 13 - end: Discuss! 5 months ago Adi Robertson 0
'Ringworld' Chapters 7 - 12: Discuss! 5 months ago Adi Robertson LauraJune 5
Hatching Twitter: worth it? 3 months ago TheRealTomskee snazzyham 4
'Ringworld' Chapters 1 - 6: discuss! 6 months ago Adi Robertson Adi Robertson 1
Books about activism/hacktivism, geeky etc. Recommendations ? 5 months ago Cochisen Cortex Vortex 1
'Ringworld' is February's Book Club pick: reading schedule below 6 months ago Adi Robertson The White Tiger 2
The Old King - Prologue 5 months ago Cronus111 2
What are some of the worst books you have ever read 4 months ago mike92 fizzy_chicken 26
Vote for February's Book Club: interstellar edition 6 months ago Adi Robertson LauraJune 1
Quirk 6 months ago mortlake 0
Raymond Chandler's 'The Big Sleep,' Weeks III and IV 6 months ago Adi Robertson The White Tiger 1
Books for a Fringe lover... 5 months ago Triple-f Cortex Vortex 3
Reader's gift: Automatic Bookmark 7 months ago holywingz JavierThng 1
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