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How do you track your reading? about 1 month ago Coldblackice aarontsuru 11
Recommend individualist sci-fi books? 2 months ago .psd Adroo101 13
Why are all fantasy novels set in some kind of medieval European setting? about 1 month ago Earth001 23
Shadowland the Legend: Book and DVD for Christmas! 4 months ago xigodx xigodx 1
Questions about 'The Circle'? Ask them here! 4 months ago Laura June 0
Raymond Chandler's 'The Big Sleep,' Week I 4 months ago Adi Robertson The White Tiger 5
Reading schedule: 'The Big Sleep' 4 months ago Adi Robertson Laura June 3
Master and the Green-Eyed Hope By Johanna Kern 4 months ago xigodx 0
Doctor Who Novellas + Books 4 months ago brendan_o brendan_o 2
Stephen King's 'Doctor Sleep' podcast 4 months ago Laura June 0
Christmas books 5 months ago Mihail 0
Thinking about a Books Business Idea... 5 months ago ViktorH microsoftmissionary 1
Vote for December's Book Club book now! 5 months ago Laura June 0
'The Circle,' by Dave Eggers: Part IV 3 months ago Laura June skyyaa 11
'The Circle' by Dave Eggers Part 3: Discuss 5 months ago Laura June Laura June 5
Dave Eggers's 'The Circle,' Part 2: Discuss 5 months ago Laura June jkwinn 17
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, Part 4: Discuss 4 months ago Laura June Lord_Dumpster 1
'Doctor Sleep' podcast upcoming -- let us know if you have any questions! 5 months ago Laura June 0
Dave Eggers's 'The Circle,' Part One: Discuss 5 months ago Laura June Dawnamo 29
Ender's Game is a mediocre book at best. 5 months ago daveblue Adi Robertson 18
November's Book is 'The Circle' by Dave Eggers: Reading Schedule 5 months ago Laura June Laura June 15
UX For Lean Startups: Faster, Smarter User Experience Research & Design 6 months ago iwasdaman 0
Books that shaped you as a reader 3 months ago Lettershort JayCee842 15
'Ship Breaker' podcast with Paolo Bacigalupi 6 months ago Laura June 0
'Doctor Sleep' by Stephen King, Part 3: Discuss 6 months ago Laura June 0
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