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'Ship Breaker' author Paolo Bacigalupi is podcasting with us. Ask... 6 months ago Adi Robertson robin.smith 2
Vote for November's Book Club Book now! 6 months ago Laura June 0
Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, Part 2: Discuss 6 months ago Laura June Adi Robertson 12
David Baldacci 6 months ago psimons60 psimons60 3
'Doctor Sleep' by Stephen King, Part 1: Discuss 6 months ago Laura June jaywontdart 13
Alice Munro wins the 2013 Nobel Prize in literature 7 months ago Laura June 0
Good thrillers to read 6 months ago Axelph henriquepss 8
Has anyone read The First Law series? 7 months ago Sammael Sammael 3
Best book recommendation websites 5 months ago temabezrukov Josica 10
October's Book Club Book is 'Doctor Sleep' by Stephen King 6 months ago Laura June Laura June 24
Book Club Category Proposal 7 months ago Whitaker Whitaker 5
What are you writing? (NaNoWriMo) 4 months ago Dan Gleibitz NPfeifer 27
Kindle Readers Library Recommendations 7 months ago mattnewcombe 0
Vote for October's book club book!! 7 months ago Laura June Justin Evans 1
The official Comic Book Club suggestions thread 7 months ago Adi Robertson uncola 10
'Ship Breaker' Chapters 19 - end: Discuss! 6 months ago Adi Robertson robin.smith 2
'Ship Breaker' Chapters 13 - 18: Discuss! 7 months ago Adi Robertson 0
Crypto: NSA vs. Tech Industry 7 months ago cwchase 0
Need a good "Fall" book recommendation 7 months ago Rock Lobster Laura June 3
'Ship Breaker' Chapters 7 - 12: Discuss! 7 months ago Adi Robertson Dan Gleibitz 4
I am John Sullivan by Jonathan L. Parks 8 months ago Phil Brady79 0
Anyone who read Outliers? 6 months ago vicentedepierola Nawknai 5
Anybody reads books in a iPhone/iPod Touch? 5 months ago vicentedepierola Adi Robertson 7
any kindle users? 7 months ago an2h JayCee842 15
'Ship Breaker' Chapters 1 – 6: Discuss! 7 months ago Adi Robertson Laura June 17
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