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2 Years and Counting just now AaronDeVante xMP44x 5
How can Sony and HTC expect high sales when availability is poor ? 5 minutes ago Sanjaychandra Sanjaychandra 13
How come no Android OEM bothers about backup? 10 minutes ago Gambler_3 dissss 19
Show off your Lens Blur Photos (New Google Camera app) 22 minutes ago Super Wario Vinc 53
GooglePlex, What do you think of WP8.1? 33 minutes ago AaronDeVante radderthanrad 98
Samsung S5 vs. HTC M8 UI Performance Comparison 34 minutes ago phantomash komoesc 9
what's your opinion of the new Google camera? about 1 hour ago dmoney01 Sir_Brizz 21
What's the real story on Android tablet games (vs. iOS)? about 1 hour ago Anselm Sir_Brizz 72
Good Android backup app? about 2 hours ago chrismarle chrismarle 4
OnePlus One (Cyanogenmod) PICTURES !! about 2 hours ago Adrian Holland red.john 24
One thing Ara will prevent for sure about 2 hours ago silent-death13 CyberPunk7t9 49
I take it back... about 2 hours ago kisaac94 Robert Caldecott 29
Future Exynos vs Future Snapdragon about 3 hours ago mendozarichard Maxime.C 15
What will your Ara Phone look like? about 3 hours ago asdeasde96 asdeasde96 26
"Keep sharing, people will love you for it" about 3 hours ago never4getthis Analog Spirit 14
No Z2 Review? about 5 hours ago elliot.hylton brandon.dean 25
Google : We scan your mails to serve you ads, detect spam .... about 7 hours ago jrtorrents rheerani 140
Project Ara: Why I think this is awesome, and more about 10 hours ago silent-death13 ant1pathy 128
Homescreens!! (April 2014) about 10 hours ago Spoot cristian.borsa 113
Will Android Wear be modified once there is an iWatch? about 11 hours ago WinDroid coolscrotie 21
Getting a Chromebook. Any reason to wait for reviews on Samsung... about 11 hours ago mammaldood iCello 21
Superzoom on HTC One? about 15 hours ago Pokestory1 Ahmed Haji 3
Two unrelated questions (Youtube & new Camera app) about 17 hours ago Vulk Vulk 3
Let's get a list of "Hidden Gems" about 18 hours ago Earthserpent89 Antonis427 7
Android: Updated stock camera app! about 19 hours ago FrankGrimey JorisGriffioen 37
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