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What if: HTC kept the One S design language around 6 minutes ago Ben49 Araisikewai 2
Nexus 4 reboot option? 17 minutes ago mwjii Northlane 4
Must Have Features For Next Version of Stock Android 29 minutes ago mystilleef Apocalyptic0n3 89
Why are you all so obsessed with borderless phones?! about 1 hour ago iOS Your Mother Zeph824 73
Vic Gundotra done at Google? about 1 hour ago KSulli 0
2 years of Google Glass.....WTF happened? about 1 hour ago Leroysboy Fighter-of-the-Nightman 61
Problem with Stock Android devices : Hardware about 1 hour ago Sanjaychandra Abdul Adam 41
IFTTT on Android about 2 hours ago mw888 mw888 7
HTC One M8 Google Play edition missing Gallery about 2 hours ago Schmerg 0
Phones to big? Hold them different! about 3 hours ago TristanSchaaf dark4181 73
Google Camera on the Nexus 5 – Review about 4 hours ago baldwin471 Northlane 6
The Obligatory...Google I/O Prediction Thread about 4 hours ago hecareth dsss07 67
What's the real story on Android tablet games (vs. iOS)? about 5 hours ago Anselm Sir_Brizz 78
OnePlus One vs. Nokia Lumia Icon(930) vs. iPhone 6 about 5 hours ago DrJimmyRustle44 breardon 15
UPDATED: How come no Android OEM bothers about backup? about 6 hours ago Gambler_3 breardon 89
I Present To You My New Icon Pack: Project One_ about 7 hours ago Wylify Wylify 30
OnePlus One :  RELEASED about 8 hours ago Adrian Holland Tommydaniel 59
Homescreens!! (April 2014) about 8 hours ago Spoot jps_QQ 133
Aviate about 8 hours ago Aditya Marwah AaronDeVante 17
Nexus 5 fell, back popped open about 9 hours ago Sjoerd Janssen Frewen 42
I need to recharge 3 times a day. Help: G2 vs S5 vs Moto X vs Nexus 5 about 13 hours ago bernaferrari Acryion 31
Xperia Z2 display: Sunlight visibility about 14 hours ago Ben49 TonyStark'sBeard 28
Just how bad is the One camera? about 14 hours ago vltea12 Leozno1 51
Show off your Lens Blur Photos (New Google Camera app) about 14 hours ago Super Wario Vulk 91
Why the hell can't I watch full hd videos on my devices? about 14 hours ago varagor Leozno1 45
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