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Websites in general need to rethink the advertising paradigm 11 minutes ago Timothy Zhu 0
Troll threads versus troll articles about 2 hours ago Zon mdkftw 2
T.C. Sottek, was Anthony Weiner innocent too? about 9 hours ago XRenegadeX Kirielson 3
Celebrity Nudes. Wanted to get this off my chest. about 12 hours ago pappu Kirielson 8
Verge classic day? about 23 hours ago wonderboyP8NT StinDaWg 3
The Simpsons review thing 1 day ago The Giving Tree Dolan Duk 1
Auto-play video volume reset 2 days ago Modred189 0
"I don't care if your at&t service sexually assaults you in the night." about 11 hours ago Justin Page TCrimson05t 4
I love how bad the sponsored Samsung "Back to School Guide" is about 13 hours ago Dube VWXYZ 37
'Best new Apps' could use some refinement. 5 days ago Johntheone Johntheone 6
The Verge's policy on Kickstarter/Patreon etc? 3 days ago AgentMichaelScarn GoingDark 7
Thanks for Sopranos spoiler 4 days ago Matrox ian.ryan 17
How Do You Mainly Access The Verge On Mobile? 5 days ago v5point0 ian.ryan 25
The Verge time stamps make no sense 1 day ago Dolan Duk kvk 4
THE RAID ON AOL: How Vox Pillaged Engadget And Founded An Empire 4 days ago CaptainCanada russlar 7
The Verge warns a user for saying something sarcastic about... 6 days ago Robuu Jacob Kastrenakes 2
Back to School Guide Issues 3 days ago Danuaro stephen.dedalus.560 41
Another suggestion for Vergins going back to school 7 days ago Allen Davis 0
In lieu of The Vergecast, what are some other tech focused podcasts... 4 days ago CaptainCanada Dube 26
Obvious native ad is obvious 6 days ago creecree xstex 8
No back to school buying guide this year? 6 days ago Kyze Dolan Duk 18
A question for The Verge staffers in NYC 2 days ago UrinalMint NofanBoy 52
Feature Request: Large Tile when pinning responsive site on Windows 8.1 6 days ago hatwearer2034 ian.aldrighetti 6
The Rise and Fall and Rise of Virtual Reality 4 days ago Matthew Schnipper Adi Robertson 14
The Verge brings you some fancy new wallpapers, enjoy! 11 days ago sharon.wong dananananaykroyd 4
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