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More longform? about 2 hours ago IzmailAT turnobli 1
Strange missing holes in the Quadcopter TIMN about 7 hours ago Darren Treat 0
There should be a Vaping sub forum about 15 hours ago dimitargeorgiev5 Shaun McIlroy 1 petition to bring back Vergecast needs more signatures about 5 hours ago iRowe iRowe 8
Ever got an answer from the famous 1 day ago Joao Sousa Kirielson 2
Comment deletion is a joke - what are you scared of? 1 day ago daedbird Shaun McIlroy 11
How come do I see all those 'so many $ per hour for so many hour' spam despite... 1 day ago asdfasdfwwac GregSpruce 10
Is it me, or is The Verge better already? about 5 hours ago RainingGlitteryMind an_og_troll 59
The Verge is Really Heavy on the Pop Culture / Movie News Lately 2 days ago Turbofrog Kwame Opam 12
Verge Video downsizing? 3 days ago iservin Mark C. Smith 18
Overzealous moderating 5 days ago threethirtythree Shaun McIlroy 10
Star Wars viral video 5 days ago uscmafia 0
Greetings, mobile accomplishers... 3 days ago vollmas Adrian Holland 6
Managing your comments, responding to discussion, how to do it 4 days ago JonJomate anprak 21
Why Bloomberg needs Josh Topolsky 1 day ago sanderbos dotbran 17
Google Play Ad Broken 6 days ago Mezeker Chao Li 2
Vergecraft 3 days ago Nilokster Shaun McIlroy 4
Long time readers of The Verge, how have you seen the site progress for better... 1 day ago DanytheNunez jclardy 75
Nilay's future is uncertain? 3 days ago KeyMs92 Adrian Holland 3
Josh's identity crisis in tech journalism? 6 days ago rdelfin Dieter Bohn 23
The Verge is 100% against public criticism 7 days ago ReallySkeptical Dieter Bohn 6
Vergecast Tonight 7 days ago msoft99 YOLK 5
Welcome back Nilay 7 days ago Tombenton iRonald 9
Josh Topolsky leaving to Bloomberg about 6 hours ago justinvee AnjoMan 135
Deletion of comments that defend white males 8 days ago YoMtvRaps Kirielson 4
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