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Why Bloomberg needs Josh Topolsky 39 minutes ago sanderbos NoUseForMonkeys 1
Google Play Ad Broken about 6 hours ago Mezeker 0
Vergecraft about 3 hours ago Nilokster Shaun McIlroy 1
Long time readers of The Verge, how have you seen the site progress for better... about 2 hours ago DanytheNunez SouthTyrolean Guy 24
Nilay's future is uncertain? about 16 hours ago KeyMs92 0
Josh's identity crisis in tech journalism? 31 minutes ago rdelfin rdelfin 19
The Verge is 100% against public criticism about 19 hours ago ReallySkeptical Dieter Bohn 6
Verge should consider using Twitch for livestreams about 16 hours ago HolidayJesus waterworthr 3
Vergecast Tonight about 19 hours ago msoft99 YOLK 5
Welcome back Nilay about 9 hours ago Tombenton iRonald 9
Josh Topolsky leaving to Bloomberg about 1 hour ago justinvee greatestNothing 89
Deletion of comments that defend white males 1 day ago YoMtvRaps Kirielson 4
The Verge makes fun of its own headlines about 23 hours ago regiobaden snazzyham 9
Kinda disturbing that the autoplaying video ads w/sound aren't vetted prior to... 3 days ago YoMtvRaps Cory Williams 1
Video ads? 4 days ago FalseAgent Chao Li 1
What happened to the navigation bar at the top of the Verge home page? 4 days ago DrJimmyRustle44 Chao Li 6
What's up with the autoplay video adds on mobile? 6 days ago Kalahan Cory Williams 1
Unofficial Verge app removed from Windows Phone Store [Comments closed] 7 days ago hatwearer2034 Dieter Bohn 2
#bringbackthevergecast 6 days ago Christopher Turner TheRealTomskee 8
Verge covering watches 7 days ago TheRealTomskee Shaun McIlroy 2
Moderators 8 days ago Yudi_Oz Shaun McIlroy 4
This is my next...good idea, but fundamentally wrong execution 6 days ago Fighter-of-the-Nightman dotbran 3
Spam spam spam...why? about 16 hours ago testing54321 mmkoski 30
Forum comments really suck, and heres why 7 days ago Shahmir Rana NotNotMaurice 32
What is going on with The Verge 9 days ago Josh1794 jaywontdart 9
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