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Cortana Just Blew Me Away 8 minutes ago Novi_Homines erfan 65
Has WP lost it's soul? 16 minutes ago markiz von schnitzel imscythe 68
Are All Windows Phones Made of Plastic? 28 minutes ago Six-Strings Kilston 45
Can you re-run initial setup? 43 minutes ago dogged House, MD 5
WP8.1 - LET'S LIST little features and findings! about 1 hour ago Taube House, MD 203
Can contana turn on internet sharing? about 1 hour ago ralexand56 challengeaccepted 6
WP 8.1 Backup about 1 hour ago jhoff80 jhoff80 11
Post your Windows Phone 8.1 start screen configuratons. about 1 hour ago LukaszWizla seifip 105
Query about rules about 2 hours ago Ivan Sikorsky ghdavid 4
Should Have Never Updated about 2 hours ago IAmUnanimousInThat dmfnt 6
Cortana not opening 3rd party apps about 2 hours ago MistaWet StevieBallz 10
UserVoice: Transparent tiles about 2 hours ago dave85 StevieBallz 3
Nokia just can't get it right. about 3 hours ago jrtorrents Joe6G 103
Tips & Tricks for Typing in WP8.1 about 4 hours ago Taube Taube 8
Universal Apps are Already Here! about 5 hours ago CoLD FiRE erfan 15
Post your abstract wallpapers about 5 hours ago wunderdoben jrtorrents 11
Bluetooh in WP 8.1 Action Center, what's it all about? about 9 hours ago contraindication TheFourteenthDoctor 8
WP8.1 Annoying Changes about 9 hours ago Pete2 TheFourteenthDoctor 67
I'll (almost) instantly switch to WP if this happens about 10 hours ago William'sShakespeer William'sShakespeer 22
New Nokia phone about 12 hours ago kped45 undisputed n00b 10
Cortana gets integrated into about 19 hours ago shrippen Bmur 2
Good Windows related podcasts? about 20 hours ago Taube meelahi 9
New XBox-Music app - I HATE IT!!! about 20 hours ago DonDiddit grking 68
Cortana Easter egg about 20 hours ago c8h8r8i8s8 Vezance 12
Messenger functionality removed from Messaging Hub? about 21 hours ago btbam91 Ammar.M 17
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