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Full list of Cortana functions? 3 days ago robbiestells 0
Windows Phone 8.1 Battery Drain 3 days ago Brass_Man Imrhien 8
Battery drain after updating to WP8.1 3 days ago MrAdelphi02 meelahi 18
Set as background in WP 8.1 3 days ago sriharsha.tummala sdrawkcab 2
The Verge Live tile for Windows Phone 8.1 3 days ago usman54 microsoftmissionary 3
Cortana managing all your MSFT systems & services 3 days ago Zaitt Zaitt 6
Feel like Cortana isn't very talkative? 3 days ago brian.aarhus miserabilism 8
Did WP 8.1 Update Solve Your "Other" Storage Problem? 3 days ago RobbCab mgk69 11
Action Center 3 days ago truitt dill clarity1981 8
What is needed to browse through PDF's lightning fast?! 3 days ago hemi79 dazaein 6
IE11, Mobile sites, and you 3 days ago Metrosity Metrosity 4
About IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1 3 days ago DhruvDh The Masterpiece 6
WP8.1 Lockscreen 3 days ago PermanentGuest pallentx 2
IE 11 on WP 8.1 pushing people away from Google 3 days ago cihstar pallentx 5
My phone creates static noise when WhatsApp is open in 8.1 3 days ago JulianR 0
Quick Question : WP 8.1 Messaging app 3 days ago eshwarnag wozburger 2
Make WP8.1 keyboard swipe curse words 3 days ago julianraymonddc jhoff80 4
Do these Tasks Work on RT? 3 days ago Six-Strings twreckx 17
HTC 8X- can't set language to En-US, so can't enable Cortana! 3 days ago rollerOrbital rsgx 10
Slowdown on the Lumia 1520 with WP 8.1 Dev Preview 3 days ago marcchambers smandal2 12
Favorite Additions to WP 8.1 3 days ago Novi_Homines Boghog 24
Any bugs/glitches with WP 8.1? 3 days ago mzchine gun freshfelicio 48
DEATH TO CORTANA! LONG LIVE CLIPPY!!!!! 3 days ago undisputed n00b Juniorex 3
Cortana not being conversational? 4 days ago RunFranks525 brian.aarhus 32
Cortana & Localisation 4 days ago Zaitt ralexand56 4
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