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Anyone else feeling slightly motion-sick from the new animations? 4 days ago alpash1 The Masterpiece 5
UserVoice: Transparent tiles 4 days ago dave85 miserabilism 16
Why we chose to build our core software business on the open web instead of on... 4 days ago Geof Harries simplify 34
How to project my screen? 4 days ago erfan erfan 2
The Verge pimping OneDrive and Surface 4 days ago GITMLB meelahi 11
Glitch or rare laptop battery accidentally sent to Redditor? 4 days ago silent-death13 microsoftmissionary 14
XBox Music Update coming! 5 days ago WoA DonDiddit 11
List the Best WP8 Apps w/Transparent Tiles 5 days ago wootbetogod StevieBallz 7
WP8.1 Annoying Changes 5 days ago Pete2 yasHwanth Mopuri 74
when are we going to see stick cricket and co. make a debut to WP!? 5 days ago kaushikk yasHwanth Mopuri 1
Has WP lost it's soul? 5 days ago markiz von schnitzel PatrolNL 84
Can you re-run initial setup? 5 days ago dogged c8h8r8i8s8 7
New XBox-Music app - I HATE IT!!! 5 days ago DonDiddit DonDiddit 73
the Day After Yesterday 5 days ago Cheshire3 Chemilinski 16
Alarm wont work with Cortana (please help) 5 days ago usman54 usman54 19
Did you try the new Bing Maps? 5 days ago osman.kalkavan SilverSee 22
Is Kinect for Xbox One Worst since Tuesday Update? 5 days ago Runner50783 Hooley 11
WP8.1 video player popping noise 5 days ago GITMLB GITMLB 4
Universal Apps are Already Here! 5 days ago CoLD FiRE mdtauk 17
Guide: How to turn any image into a nice background for WP8.1 6 days ago Taube biobot 9
Can contana turn on internet sharing? 6 days ago ralexand56 YHWH 8
Cortana not opening 3rd party apps 6 days ago MistaWet Pontifex 11
Anyone know a trick for rebooting without the power button? 6 days ago pallentx petrol 9
Cortana Just Blew Me Away 6 days ago Novi_Homines erfan 65
WP 8.1 Backup 6 days ago jhoff80 jhoff80 11
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