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Possible to force Metro on non-default browser? 12 minutes ago Chefgon jhoff80 2
Surface Pro 2 not charging about 6 hours ago WillMorrisss meelahi 1
How do I use my W8.1 laptop as a bluetooth speaker? about 3 hours ago edwinwright3 JeffWScott 4
Any Surface Pro 3 I7 Reviews? about 8 hours ago evhfla uditrana 7
About the HTC One Windows Phone about 8 hours ago Visa Declined UtopiaNH 16
After waiting for so long windows phone 8.1 hit South Africa this morning. 24 minutes ago Tswag blakjedi 3
Surface 3 Coming in October! about 3 hours ago Demitryus hrlngrv 86
Windows 8 All-In-One for development and media editing about 8 hours ago jongthechemist wootbetogod 13
Too big for a phone? about 7 hours ago Kaic NJ1991 32
Windows Phone and RT merger, any news are updates? 1 day ago calbro brrunoPT 1
Carrier Exclusivity Is Killing WP about 2 hours ago Nicholas Troy-El Bryant Gadgeteer21 41
Windows 9 Concept- Thoughts? 1 day ago nc1886 nc1886 8
Bamboo Paper by Wacom about 18 hours ago meelahi k! 15
iOS or Android for better interaction with Outlook/OneDrive? about 12 hours ago Mauricio Rossato Kaic 10
Awww yeah GDR1 for 8.1 confirms new support for 540 qHD resolution 1 day ago ant_click jlnprssnr 5
Did you read that!! I can't stop laughing about 19 hours ago also1989 Cloudgazer 30
Is the Asus VivoTab Note 8 Worth $200? about 20 hours ago testcss Max Carnage 14
So OneNote beta for Android got updated. about 21 hours ago Ezhik ZenSoul 28
Microsoft Smartwatch Concept 1 day ago kostas6690 nobox 11
Nokia is repositioning its product line 1 day ago Kilston Demitryus 24
What LUMIA line up (*40)should be? 1 day ago harshpwd GeorgeD'Cruz 16
Lumia 530 should replace ASHA not Lumia 520. about 2 hours ago harshpwd rahul.rn 4
Is Nokia uninterested in making slim phones? about 9 hours ago Salman Thaw wootbetogod 74
The Verge & Microsoft 3 days ago Kazual Jacob Kastrenakes 18
"Surface Mini" axed as Microsoft focus on next-gen devices 3 days ago PPartisan rahul.rn 7
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