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Surface Pro 3 Issue 2 days ago Acbuono5 Acbuono5 9
Why can't Microsoft make the Developers preview the default setting? 1 day ago mzchine gun Harry Wild 18
HowtoGeek - "The Windows Store is a Cesspool of Scams - Why Doesn't... 1 day ago jhoff80 jlnprssnr 65
DIY surface cover about 16 hours ago finnthehuman finnthehuman 12
Which platform's back button do you prefer? about 2 hours ago Windows 8 is really gr8 markik 31
Lumia 520 or 635 ? 1 day ago kisaac94 Niklaus Baxely 11
Lumia 830 leak, 20.1 Megapixel Sensor 2 days ago Eat_lead_slackers Turbofrog 13
I have about $40 on my Microsoft account 3 days ago Ezhik Ezhik 6
How can I remove Calcitapp? 2 days ago ron1niro StevieBallz 6
Why we need WP. about 1 hour ago Salman Thaw lvl85beardruid 177
When to release fix for preview for developer for lumia cyan update? 2 days ago ralphreid5 pallentx 14
So all the fonts on my Windows 8.1 machine are now symbols and squares... 3 days ago AbsoluteDesignz House, MD 10
The Media are declaring WP dead based on IDC report, but is it justified? 2 days ago sanshiro Joao Sousa 110
Should the Surface keyboard have a hinge? about 8 hours ago TDM9247 Shash450 56
Finally tossed this thing... 3 days ago pallentx pallentx 15
Did you know about WindUp? 5 days ago .Denis chiragsangani 5
[Q] Asus, windows installation, preserving data, locked UEFI 4 days ago Markiz_von_schnitzel Markiz_von_schnitzel 3
Microsoft Smart Watch/Fitness Band wish list! 3 days ago camdenkrupala a7medo778 24
Back From Mac 4 days ago Grant Davis Grant Davis 18
Lenovo laptop won't boot, will be sending for repair but what about... 5 days ago wg1234 wg1234 3
Why are WP updates so tedious? 5 days ago Kathranis Stevesu 73
My Threshold Concept 3 days ago SugagaROD stephen_victor 15
Verge app for WP updated 3 days ago TECHNOLOGYDINOSAUR vergers 44
Modern IE (Win8) is incredibly bad 2 days ago confor deiruch 70
Is there an app that can lock the other app? 4 days ago ralphreid5 FluffyBalls 12
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