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Surface 2 vs Surface Pro about 12 hours ago Nate392 AmGers 38
Who switched from Google to Microsoft? + few words about my switch about 1 hour ago hisnameisdome Kaic 145
Businesses still sticking with XP? 3 days ago Zeph824 Christopher Bright 5
How About The Windows XP Users These Days? 3 days ago ahmedzainTK conyeje2 1
Advice on a new laptop 1 day ago MightyPantsx silent-death13 34
Kin Studio For Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, Xbox One 2 days ago conyeje2 pallentx 8
Gmail and Windows Phone calendar sync? 3 days ago MistaWet mrjimbo19 4
Why can't Microsoft just fix its font rendering algorithm? 1 day ago tzhu07 thogil 42
Help with a broken Lumia 920 4 days ago 21empark hanovershatchet 8
project my screen (use your Windows Phone 8.1 from your desktop) 4 days ago hanovershatchet 0
XBox Music App - MS reacts and opens Uservoice-page for YOU! about 6 hours ago DonDiddit weetigo 13
Facebook app + Action Center? 3 days ago Taube Taube 14
Cortana and Your Name 2 days ago miserabilism jhoff80 12
Project My Screen app is now available for download 3 days ago CoLD FiRE challengeaccepted 14
Why not Office 13 Metro ? 1 day ago yasHwanth Mopuri thempus 20
List the Best WP8 Apps w/Transparent Tiles 5 days ago wootbetogod StevieBallz 7
What to-do-list apps do you use on WP? 1 day ago Taube HelloLudger 15
Glitch or rare laptop battery accidentally sent to Redditor? 5 days ago silent-death13 microsoftmissionary 14
Why there is no Windows 365? 2 days ago erfan Kaic 23
when are we going to see stick cricket and co. make a debut to WP!? 5 days ago kaushikk yasHwanth Mopuri 1
The Verge pimping OneDrive and Surface 5 days ago GITMLB meelahi 11
Why we chose to build our core software business on the open web instead of on... 4 days ago Geof Harries simplify 34
XBox Music Update coming! 5 days ago WoA DonDiddit 11
Who knows a nice NOTEPAD app for Windows? about 24 hours ago Taube thogil 22
Please add competitive camera to Surface Pro 3 Microsoft!! 4 days ago hemi79 Chefgon 40
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