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Please add competitive camera to Surface Pro 3 Microsoft!! 1 day ago hemi79 Chefgon 40
Is Kinect for Xbox One Worst since Tuesday Update? 3 days ago Runner50783 Hooley 11
Can you re-run initial setup? 2 days ago dogged c8h8r8i8s8 7
Can contana turn on internet sharing? 3 days ago ralexand56 YHWH 8
UserVoice: Transparent tiles 1 day ago dave85 miserabilism 16
Query about rules 3 days ago Ivan Sikorsky ghdavid 4
Cortana not opening 3rd party apps 3 days ago MistaWet Pontifex 11
Should Have Never Updated 3 days ago IAmUnanimousInThat dmfnt 6
New Nokia phone 4 days ago kped45 undisputed n00b 10
Cortana gets integrated into 4 days ago shrippen Bmur 2
Has WP lost it's soul? 2 days ago markiz von schnitzel PatrolNL 84
Titanfall bundle, or not? 4 days ago aryan.aneja Ikthog 2
Anyone know a trick for rebooting without the power button? 3 days ago pallentx petrol 9
Tips & Tricks for Typing in WP8.1 3 days ago Taube Taube 8
Bluetooh in WP 8.1 Action Center, what's it all about? 4 days ago contraindication TheFourteenthDoctor 8
when will lumia 525 successor come? 4 days ago suraj.air Acryion 3
WP 8.1 on Nokia Lumia 925 - WiFi disables cell service 4 days ago Harkonnen_Scum JonnyUtah 4
Full list of Cortana functions? 5 days ago robbiestells 0
Alarm wont work with Cortana (please help) 3 days ago usman54 usman54 19
I'll (almost) instantly switch to WP if this happens 4 days ago William'sShakespeer William'sShakespeer 22
Universal Apps are Already Here! 3 days ago CoLD FiRE mdtauk 17
What the hell happened to the Pictures Hub... 4 days ago technofou miserabilism 12
The Verge Live tile for Windows Phone 8.1 5 days ago usman54 microsoftmissionary 3
the Day After Yesterday 3 days ago Cheshire3 Chemilinski 16
Set as background in WP 8.1 5 days ago sriharsha.tummala sdrawkcab 2
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