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"Windows Phone 8.1 supports SD cards better than any other mobile OS." 5 days ago GdgtFreek markik 16
with windows phone 8.1, is Microsoft wining or still need to work hard. 4 days ago Tswag kareem.h.anderson 33
Smart HR monitor and WP 8.1 5 days ago markusli markusli 2
Animated lockscreen designs coming very soon! :) [UPDATED] 4 days ago Taube House, MD 19
The Problem with Windows 8/9 6 days ago rickrizzo wootbetogod 20
What's your pick for the best budget Windows Phone device ? 6 days ago kisaac94 jlnprssnr 18
MS is Doooomed! err actually what is your favorite WP exercise/health app? 6 days ago sanshiro dinobott 16
Facebook Messenger on Windows Phone 8.1 6 days ago Chefgon Chefgon 14
Xbox Music Locker Active? Kinda. 7 days ago ameluso ameluso 2
Surface Book? about 20 hours ago ojad hrlngrv 32
Post your StartScreens! WP8.1 & W8.1 4 days ago Zaitt markds 37
Log-in with your Microsoft Account 7 days ago leftspeaker2000 .Denis 6
Watch out - Controversal opinion ahead! Xbox Music is now usable 5 days ago Zaitt FalseAgent 94
No more Live Tile for the (pinned) Verge? 7 days ago wunderdoben wunderdoben 21
Nokia X running Windows Phone 8.1 7 days ago kabircheema StevieBallz 8
The onenote pen has a size problem 7 days ago dave-d dave-d 12
New awesome looking WP mail app 3 days ago TECHNOLOGYDINOSAUR harkening 14
Next Windows Phone Flagship 4 days ago imeobong Mars2003 75
Converge or former The Verge app is pulled again from store !! 8 days ago sina93 Dieter Bohn 38
It's not so much as I left the MS Tribe, but more that MS has left me... 3 days ago ChefFabrizio confor 37
Did you know Mixradio was available as a website? 8 days ago nikoglo NofanBoy 4
Beating a dead horse here? 10 updates later...Xbox Music is still a PITA 6 days ago MkeAllison wtrmlnjuc 159
IBM and Apple? How is this a big blow to MS? 8 days ago hecareth VoxMediaUser808775 42
Converge, eh? 9 days ago markik Tom Warren 65
You've heard of Apple Converts and Android Converts , well i'm a... 9 days ago Aaron Sales Acbuono5 26
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