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HTC 8X- can't set language to En-US, so can't enable Cortana! 1 day ago rollerOrbital rsgx 10
New XBox-Music app - I HATE IT!!! about 9 hours ago DonDiddit DonDiddit 67
About IE11 for Windows Phone 8.1 1 day ago DhruvDh The Masterpiece 6
Cortana Q&A 1 day ago pallentx pallentx 6
Cortana not being conversational? 1 day ago RunFranks525 brian.aarhus 32
The Xbox One Craves for Cortana 2 days ago Runner50783 wootbetogod 8
WP 8.1 is good. But it lacks a major feature. 2 days ago WinDroid mdtauk 11
Post your abstract wallpapers 1 day ago wunderdoben theromz 9
8.1 dev preview available for download 2 days ago truitt dill Novi_Homines 57
WP8.1 - LET'S LIST little features and findings! about 2 hours ago Taube Boolanger 190
Do these Tasks Work on RT? 1 day ago Six-Strings twreckx 17
Today is the day of Windows Phone 8.1 Dev Preview! 2 days ago AlienSix pallentx 14
Microsoft hates XP right now about 12 hours ago kostas6690 BlackHelmetMan 4
Windows Phone 8.1 start screen capabilites 2 days ago RunFranks525 JeffWScott 7
Bad Time to Invest in Surface 2? 2 days ago TheAtom Chefgon 20
WP8.1 Developer Preview 3 days ago RunFranks525 Taube 5
Good Windows related podcasts? 1 day ago Taube Taube 8
How hot does your Lumia get? 2 days ago Maceo3121 bejizzle 12
Lumia 630 vs 625 3 days ago Elodin1 Acryion 3
WP8.1: Dynamic lock screen designs NOT included in dev preview 3 days ago Taube GrzegorzWidla 5
A very undermined problem with Windows. 2 days ago 21empark DonDiddit 87
8.1 Update 1 Taskbar is Awesome! 2 days ago JonnyUtah erfan 23
Xbox One Titanfall bundle now costs £349, the same as a PS4 in the UK 3 days ago lamborghini Bundle 12
Nokia just can't get it right. about 1 hour ago jrtorrents uditrana 102
"Facebook 8.1" app spotted on Lumia 930 (UPDATE: Tweet from Joe Belfiore) 3 days ago Taube markiz von schnitzel 28
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