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Germany is going to Beat Brazil in the World Cup tommorow. 17 days ago jon.clem Overthink 6
World Cup thread? WORLD CUP THREAD. 17 days ago Sam Byford TomGarrott 39
How do you feel about Kickstarter projects for small, independent bands? 18 days ago radderthanrad turbinenreiter 1
Is there any electronics company does NOT manufacture in China? 20 days ago ShamrockGx sspenler 11
My Little Battery's Life Can't Be This Short! 21 days ago Kirielson 0
Must see "Classic" Films 22 days ago ramblotas jenifferhomes 6
Appart from the world cup and MLS do any americans keep a keep interest in... 23 days ago wonderbhoy1888 turbinenreiter 4
Why is tech a predominately male interest? 25 days ago ford.warrickjr Lumiafied 101
I can't post on the Verge forums on any web browser on my laptop 28 days ago michaelmicro michaelmicro 2
Android vs. iPhone wallpaper 28 days ago stefanocoletto 0
The Onion's still got it 29 days ago .psd 0
Do you consider yourself a critical thinker? 30 days ago tzhu07 4
What music/song are you listening to right now? Streaming service... about 1 month ago UrinalMint jxh 14
Which album do I buy? about 1 month ago the_corey_one jxh 4
Justin Bieber Robot?? about 1 month ago emmaprice 0
I started a blog: writing about tech about 1 month ago silellak youtube10 9
Watch worn by a Reviewer about 1 month ago RahulMalik sighclops 7
A closer look at deadmau5's "Purrari" 458 about 1 month ago Sean O'Kane sighclops 3
If you could invent anything, what would it be? about 1 month ago MatiasAM gregorian 16
I like pie. about 1 month ago Mike McKowski Andy97 8
Post your best car GIFs here about 1 month ago Chris Ziegler sighclops 47
Obtain the Best Anti-Aging Therapy Using AQ Skin Remedies about 1 month ago AustinWilson 0
Vaporizers about 1 month ago pkk 0
In need of some life/career advice about 1 month ago AlexBro val_lixembeau 6
Did I do something wrong? about 1 month ago Mike McKowski Kirielson 2
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