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9 "Dumb" Tech & Science Predictions Made By Smart People 8 months ago JohannesZ ExDementia 1
Possible? 8 months ago vicentedepierola Peugeot RCZ 4
The Flat Earth Society 6 months ago nikolas.sartori shinogami 19
BBC TV Horizon on the doctor's who prescribe apps and the world's most... 8 months ago scoobiesnacks scoobiesnacks 2
Paralyzed rat can walk again 6 months ago StevenMalnati mowbraylewis 4
[Drones] You should take a look at this great micro-documentary. 6 months ago Lapsusone Henry_Vinson 1
If robots = science, then see Makr Shakr 9 months ago MrMakeIt 0
If you could be an insect, which insect would you be? 6 months ago Katie Drummond fusion508 17
Altego Sunfire Laptop Bags Launched into Space 9 months ago altegobrand 0
'3D-printed' rocket injector performs as well as more expensive, regular one... 9 months ago Carl Franzen 0
How to lift (weights) like an astronaut in outer space 9 months ago Carl Franzen Qxer 1
Does anyone actually know how a quantum computer works? 9 months ago maulpiller arlevin 12
What does other planets look like if viewed from Earth in place of the moon 8 months ago zero_td andromeduck 6
Washing your hair in space is more complicated than you'd think 9 months ago Carl Franzen Klaus Widraw 3
Magic Beads 10 months ago Sammael 0
SCANDAL: German GreenTec Awards change rules, and deletes comments in order to... 9 months ago andromeduck Sammael 4
If you were going to fund a very very very expensive space mission, how would... 9 months ago Katie Drummond fLoreign 8
What animated GIF do you think Lone Signal should be sending into space? 10 months ago Sam Sheffer Noct 4
Particle accelerators: how many do we really need? 9 months ago Carl Franzen gtownhoya 7
Deep Space Sunday only on Science 10 months ago XavierMathews thwap 7
Face transplants, stem cells and immunosuppressive drugs. 10 months ago youtube10 markhourany 3
Medical apps: success stories, apps you love, apps that have screwed... 11 months ago Katie Drummond HrodHerich 1
Favorite Mind Boggling Calculations? 10 months ago AshesOfGravity QuinnOak 1
Would you dump your therapist for a computerized avatar? 11 months ago Katie Drummond Katie Drummond 4
Watch this: Arrow of Time 11 months ago Alex Thompson Alex Thompson 3
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