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Google vs Oracle defense arguments almost 2 years ago JerseyJesus 0
Petition: Lucy Koh and Apple Patent Battles almost 2 years ago Allegrotechie Modred189 8
The slow moving quagmire that is the patent office. almost 2 years ago DeoreDX Modred189 1
Anyone here in the Legal profession? almost 2 years ago Sandwiches matt118 6
North American Smartphone Paradigm almost 2 years ago NerdSparx catfoodstudios 26
Movies versus Music almost 2 years ago marty_75 0
TiVo: Lawsuit factory & target almost 2 years ago jakerome 0
Hey Ari Emanuel: You Can't Stop All Piracy, So Move On almost 2 years ago ronoffringa ronoffringa 7
The "details" of creating a product almost 2 years ago RoldGold catfoodstudios 5
Publishers: Increase Value, Not Prices almost 2 years ago Tizzleton Markdek 15
VPN: the Gray area almost 2 years ago Charlesworth Modred189 4
What's in an API: an analogy for Verge writers almost 2 years ago tomica Modred189 5
The Case for Copyright Reform almost 2 years ago DanJ01 DanJ01 7
FCC Complaint almost 2 years ago jedivulcan jedivulcan 3
A open letter to Comcast - HBOgo or no go almost 2 years ago lougriffith somnia 2
Florian Mueller (of FOSS Patents) works for Oracle as a paid analyst almost 2 years ago MikeSeif MikeSeif 6
TuneWiki and the removed lyrics about 2 years ago PowerCodfish PowerCodfish 1
A Perfect Example of What a Software Patent Should Be about 2 years ago jeffburg Modred189 5
A Content Producer's Side to Piracy about 2 years ago emomac MosquitoControl 65
Genius about 2 years ago Chris Johnson. 0
The Real Deal About Google's New Privacy Policies about 2 years ago Lbrown Boghog 1
If the US were to convert the existing highway system... about 2 years ago dark4181 Hugo Ramos 37
Updated: Proposed legislation, Oregon Bill 1534, threatens to make tweeting... about 2 years ago th3storysofar CMG90 2
Conflict Minerals about 2 years ago Technicallyfunny Cloudgazer 2
Apple v. Proview (China iPad Trademark Case) about 2 years ago tonycamilli 0
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