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Does Anyone Here Still Print Their Photos? Frustrations! about 2 hours ago Turbofrog Salman Thaw 1
Tell me what you think about my European travel film... about 2 hours ago mnm94 FremmyQ 1
Zack Arias might be starting to change my mind... about 2 hours ago Michael Shane minimalist 8
Weekly Critique Thread: July 28 - August 1 5 minutes ago selfprofessedgeek figshta 163
300mm+ lens suggestions? about 8 hours ago Patlex Turbofrog 11
V.360 -- 360 degree camera! 4 days ago itzNavid jonathonpm 2
Thinking about transitioning to Pentax... about 11 hours ago SplashMTN SplashMTN 12
Clean Slate Challenge: 1 body + 2 lenses for 4 months away about 4 hours ago Andrew MacKenzie Andrew MacKenzie 48
Great camera backpacks/satchels/straps etc. What do you use? 4 days ago Visionmonger photobriangray 16
Which camera is best? 2 days ago Cult of Cedar Cult of Cedar 23
Weekly Critique Thread: July 21 - 25 - Closed 2 days ago selfprofessedgeek jjsoviet 166
Has anyone tried the Ikonoskop A-Cam dII? 10 days ago arn00b 0
Can anyone suggest hardware/software for storing and managing my... 10 days ago alpash1 photobriangray 7
Weather sealed cameras- RX10 a good option? 13 days ago Droided ISO1600 7
Weekly Critique Thread: July 14 - 18 - Closed 12 days ago selfprofessedgeek selfprofessedgeek 161
Eyefi experiences? 15 days ago Sdan42 Mark C. Smith 10
G.A.S. Attack: E-M10 vs. A7, or When Is a Body Upgrade Sensible? about 8 hours ago Turbofrog juliancamilo 37
Weekly Critique Thread: July 7 - 11 - Closed 19 days ago selfprofessedgeek LocalTyrant 184
Warranty or Accessories? 22 days ago Patlex Patlex 10
Places in the world for best photography shots 8 days ago wonderbhoy1888 Andrew MacKenzie 15
Beginner proper cameras? 27 days ago copper1106 aarontsuru 8
Fireworks! 13 days ago NotNotMaurice aarontsuru 19
Help Finding C/CS Mount Lens Solution 30 days ago brianrhodes 0
Weekly Critique Thread: June 30 - July 4 - Closed 21 days ago selfprofessedgeek selfprofessedgeek 146
Can anyone explain the similarities and differences of TIFF and PNG? 30 days ago silent-death13 dabug91 3
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