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Ethics: Is it okay to use an unsecured residential/business/mobile... about 1 month ago Inhopeless egojab 18
Amazon Prime In the UK price increase tomorrow about 1 month ago HeartRock theromz 1
Want proof that Google+ is no ghost town? 14 days ago Martijn Vreugde scoobiesnacks 17
Gaming bringing the world closer together? Or deeper into a isolated... about 1 month ago LoveChildMovie 0
Telegram Messenger added over 4.95 million users! about 1 month ago gnntt when_its_free_you_are_the_product 7
About Facebook and people's fear over targeted ads about 1 month ago erosenin 32
Is your,boss, mailman,librarian,doctor and IT guy selling you out to... about 15 hours ago think4urslf ahmedzainTK 7
15 Web Browsing Tricks that will Save You Time and Money 2 months ago poritasu teotsi21 3
pro tip: turn off youtube annotations for all videos 2 months ago Thomas Houston teotsi21 2
Mapping the Crazy Twitter Link Chain 2 months ago loganhasson 0
Can someone help me fix my problem? Thanks! 2 months ago the_corey_one chikung 5
[Rant] The Facebook of Things 2 months ago Jon_D samuelhauptmannvandam 1
Google vs. (Calendars & Contacts) about 1 month ago Celestial curtistony022 6
Internet Yami-Ichi - All of the bizarreness of the internet, in real life.. 2 months ago thisismynextname 0
Do you use Medium? 2 months ago Tembot MariusMasalar 8
You remember that redesign facebook announced early 2013... 2 months ago lry* doctorwhofan98 10
Xfinity Speedtest Speed, What should you have? 3 months ago Matthew Matlok alcohol 1
My take on the Twitter redesign 3 months ago arkon arkon 2
Audiotool - Making Music on the Web 3 months ago Tembot javOrosas 3
twitter web-app redesign 3 months ago ItsTommyYall xstex 1
Caption Contest 3 months ago pika2000 0
This post critical of Google got me banned from /r/technology on Reddit 2 months ago logicalas chikung 8
A little over a year ago I deactivated my Facebook account... 3 months ago RedSquirrelBrown RedSquirrelBrown 8
What's the Weirdest item in your Year-in-Review? 4 months ago NotNotMaurice 0
Meet mother: the anti-social quantified self. Will be at CES 4 months ago Lapsusone 0
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