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Before 'Half-Life,' Valve was making an ambitious MMO

Valve burst onto the gaming scene with the original Half-Life in 1998, but things could have been very different. At the same time the studio was building its influential first-person epic, it was also working on a story-driven, third-person massively multiplayer game called Prospero. However,...

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Nintendo turns Luigi's death stare into a 'Mario Kart' commercial

Mario Kart 8's twisted tracks and gravity-defying racing make it the best game in the series to date, but it might end up being remembered for something different: Luigi's death stare. The viral sensation has become such a big deal that Nintendo has even started incorporating it into its own marketing. A new Japanese ad for the Wii U racer features a series of slow motion glimpses at racers...


Nvidia's Shield Tablet wants to be the ultimate gaming device

Nvidia wasn't able to get its graphics chips into either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, so it's doing the next best thing by trying to obviate home consoles altogether. Today the company introduces its new $299 Shield Tablet: an 8-inch Android device designed to sate all your gaming needs at once. It's powered by the souped-up Tegra K1 processor that Nvidia debuted to much fanfare in January, and already has a number of major game titles optimized to make use of its extra power. It's also compatible with a new Shield wireless controller and the same game-streaming capability as its predecessor Shield — allowing you to remotely play a game running on your PC at home. With a mini-HDMI connection outputting 1080p content to the nearest HDTV, the Shield Tablet can be a jack of all trades by either playing Android games or streaming PC titles into the living room.

The second Shield console is Nvidia's first Tegra K1 device


Inside the life of a pro gamer

Getting paid to play video games sounds like the cushiest job in the world. Stumble out of bed, fill a bowl of cereal, boot up Steam, and go hunting for thrills and spills. Pants and personal hygiene are optional. That’s the pervasive, and in many cases valid, image of the...

Nathan Drake says no

Uncharted hero Nathan Drake has had some adventures. Enough to fill three PS3 console games and another on Vita. In between all the gun battles, daring leaps, and breathtaking action sequences, it turns out there have also been plenty of nos. Drake tends to say it often, so naturally someone on the internet decided to put every utterance of "no" together. One fan compiled a supercut of Drake, voiced by Nolan North (No No for short), expressing the negative to everyone and everything around...

What you need to know about Valve's $10 million 'Dota 2' tournament

The rapid rise of e-sports continues this weekend with the biggest and most lucrative tournament held to date. The fourth Dota 2 International takes place in Seattle's 17,000-seat Key Arena, where the world's best teams are competing for a share of a spectacular $10.5 million prize pool, highlighted by a first place award of over $4.8 million. This year the games will even be broadcast on ESPN. But do you know enough about BKBs and Roshan to...


'Off Grid' makes data your most powerful weapon

In 2011, Rich Metson was a metal worker who was just starting to dabble in the world of coding and open source software. This newfound interest led him to a conference put on by the Internet Society, and in between dry discussions of internet protocols and domain names, he stumbled on a talk by Columbia University professor Eben Moglen. That moment was the first time Metson truly understood the implications of net neutrality and data privacy....

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