The PlayStation Vita launches in Japan in just over a couple of weeks, but gamers might want to keep their PSPs around a little longer. Sony already announced UMD Passport, which involves verifying UMD ownership on the PSP to allow discounted purchases of the same games on the Vita, but there are some pretty major omissions from the initial lineup. The most notable is Capcom, whose Monster Hunter series is one of the biggest in Japan, and largely credited for prolonging the lifespan of the PSP itself. With a new Monster Hunter coming out for the 3DS next week and none announced for the Vita, this could be a significant gap for Sony. Other companies that as yet aren't supporting the program include Konami, Namco and Square Enix, meaning fans of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Tekken 6 and Final Fantasy Type Zero are out of luck. There does seem to be pretty robust support from smaller companies such as Atlus and Tecmo Koei, but we hope the larger publishers can get on board soon — in the meantime, fans wanting to play some of the biggest PSP games on their new Vita will have to pay full price again.