SDCC 2014

The cast of 'Firefly' is reuniting for upcoming game

At last year's San Diego Comic-Con, Brown Coats all over the 'verse got excited by the announcement of Firefly Online, which planned to revive the cult-hit show as an online game. Firefly Online never made its planned summer release date, but at SDCC 2014 we at least have some exciting news: the original cast is returning to reprise their roles. There's also a brand new trailer that provides...

Games ReviewReview

'The Wolf Among Us' season one review: a terrifying fairy tale

The Walking Dead video game was a remarkable series, one that turned a zombie apocalypse into a never-ending stream of gut-punching moral dilemmas. It was also proof that developer Telltale games hadn't been wasting its time. The studio spent nearly a decade perfecting a formula that turned video games into a series of episodes, just like TV, each of which you could play in a single sitting once a month. But it wasn't until The Walking Dead that Telltale finally had a hit. "The Walking Dead was one of those overnight wonders that took 10 years to put together," explains studio president and founder Kevin Bruner. The question was whether the studio could do it again, and its first attempt is The Wolf Among Us.

The two series are similar in a lot of ways. Not only is The Wolf Among Us also based on a comic book (Fables, in this case), it also features nearly identical gameplay and the same exact structure: a five-episode season that kicked off in October and wrapped up earlier this...

Telltale Games proves it can do more than just 'The Walking Dead'

SDCC 2014

'Final Fantasy' designer creates the wildest take on Batman yet

If nothing else, Square Enix artist Tetsuya Nomura has built up a distinctive style over the years — his androgynous, zipper-heavy designs for characters in games like Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series are recognizable anywhere. But none of that will have prepared you for his surreal take on Batman, revealed in action figure form at this year's San Diego Comic-Con.

The "DC Comics Variant Play Arts Action Figure" looks more like something from Soul Calibur than the Caped Crusader,...

Good Deal

Get 'Deus Ex' series and other Square Enix classics in the latest Humble Bundle

Sometimes, the Humble Bundle offers deals that seem too good to be true. That's not quite the case with the latest version — it's full of older games that go on sale frequently. But if you're missing parts of the Square Enix catalog, it's a particularly solid bundle. You can pay what you want for six games that include the classic Thief Gold, the first two parts of the Hitman series, and criminally underplayed RPG Anachronox. Pay more than the...

Watch This

Nintendo turns Luigi's death stare into a 'Mario Kart' commercial

Mario Kart 8's twisted tracks and gravity-defying racing make it the best game in the series to date, but it might end up being remembered for something different: Luigi's death stare. The viral sensation has become such a big deal that Nintendo has even started incorporating it into its own marketing. A new Japanese ad for the Wii U racer features a series of slow motion glimpses at racers like Donkey Kong and Rosalina, but the highlight is...

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