Stop ruining my escapist fantasies, Sarkeesian haters

Earlier this year, I passed on buying Watch Dogs, a game I had been tentatively excited about for over a year. There were a lot of reasons for this, but one specific plot point clinched it: Aiden Pearce was yet another man motivated by villains killing a woman (or in this case, a girl) he cared...

Xbox One update rolling out with new media player and SmartGlass app improvements

Microsoft’s big September update for Xbox One is rolling out to consoles today, just under a month after the company made it available to select beta testers. The update includes a number of improvements focused at the TV integration on the Xbox One, including a boot to TV option, live TV mini guide, and an expansion of Microsoft’s OneGuide TV guide data to Brazil, Mexico, Austria, and Ireland.



The littlest Rapture: we played 'BioShock' on an iPhone

BioShock is an absolutely classic video game, and anyone who likes action games should play it at some point in their life. Its "underwater Ayn Rand" premise is great, it contains one of the most memorable video game speeches of all time, and the combination of conventional weapons, psychokinetic powers, and hacking is open-ended without being too complicated. And as of today, you can purchase a version of the original BioShock, packed down to fit in a tiny 2GB package, for $15 on the App Store. It's an ambitious goal, and in the interest of pursuing the most mobile mobile experience out there, we skipped the iPad and played through the first level on an iPhone 5S.

Please, for the love of Andrew Ryan, don't try playing BioShock on the iPhone.

BioShock is trying to do the same thing Doom, Max Payne, and other games have attempted: make first-person shooters work on a touchscreen. Shooters designed specifically for mobile devices (including installments of D...

No gods or kings, only touch controls


This surreal iPad game blends Donald Duck and Salvador Dali

In 1947's "Sleepy Time Donald," Donald Duck goes about his day while sleepwalking. He gets out of bed, puts a boot on his head instead of a hat, and ventures over to Daisy's house to take her out on a date. (She plays along because she's worried that waking him could have "fatal" results.) Later...

Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn't exist

Earlier this week, feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian posted the latest in a series of crowdfunded videos called Tropes vs. Women, devoted to aggregating and analyzing games that portray women as damsels in distress, ornamental eye candy, incidental victims, and other archetypes that tend to be written in service of and subordinate to male players and characters. The videos — which are essentially subjective cultural criticism — come with transcripts and lists of the games mentioned, making it...

Microsoft will sell Xbox One's Kinect camera for $149 starting October 7th

Back in May, Microsoft finally relented and unbundled Kinect from Xbox One, a move that allowed the company to bring its console's price down to $399. But Microsoft doesn't want anyone forgetting about Kinect; starting October 7th, the company will sell it as a standalone product for $149. For that price, you'll get both the camera and Dance Central Spotlight. "Kinect remains an important part of the Xbox One experience," Microsoft reiterated...

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