Samsung's curved, 105-inch 4K TV is $120,000

Samsung's curved, 105-inch 4K TV was always going to be expensive. The only question was how expensive. Today we got an answer: Samsung has priced the set at $119,999.99, a cost that immediately puts it out of reach for all but the most wealthy home-theater enthusiasts. It also makes the $39,999 easel TV look like a deal by comparison. To be fair, this is one product that was never going to be...

Aereo reveals appallingly low subscriber numbers

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that TV streaming service Aereo was in violation of the Copyright Act, leaving the company dead in the water. But even if things had gone differently, paperwork from the US Copyright Office suggests that the startup was already in trouble. Recode reports that Aereo had 77,596 subscribers at the end of the 2013. 27,000 of its users came from the New York City area, while Boston and the Atlanta area hosted 12,000 and 10,000 subscribers, respectively. With established brands like Netflix and Hulu already providing millions of users with premium content, it's small wonder that Aereo had difficulties breaking into the market.

The documents containing the bleak numbers were submitted as part of Aereo's attempts at metamorphosing into a cable provider. Unfortunately for the company, the Copyright Office stated that "internet retransmissions of broadcast television fall outside the scope of the Section 111 license" for cable companies. Aereo's...

An all-time low

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The best set-top box you can buy

The numbers don’t lie. When Netflix accounts for more than a third of US internet bandwidth, when streaming services are racking up Emmys by the truckload, when cable subscriber numbers dwindle while Amazon Prime Video sign-ups soar, it’s hard to...

Sling launches its smallest and cheapest Slingbox yet

Sling, the company that makes your cable or satellite service available anywhere you have an internet connection, is today announcing the Slingbox M1, its smallest and cheapest set top box to date. The $149.99 M1, available on July 20th, is notably smaller than the $179.99 Slingbox 350 it is replacing, yet it doesn't give up any functionality to its larger predecessor. In fact, the M1 offers Wi-Fi connectivity, which the 350 lacked, making it easier to set up and locate in your home.

Comcast's customer service nightmare is painful to hear

Almost anyone that has tried to cancel cable service, wireless service, or a gym membership knows how difficult it can be to do over the phone, but a recent call to Comcast by one customer might take the cake for the worst of them all. Ryan Block,...

You can now stream SoundCloud through your Sonos speakers

SoundCloud is the latest music service to hop on the Sonos bandwagon. You can now listen to SoundCloud's huge library of user-uploaded music, playlists, podcasts, comedy bits, newscasts, and more with Sonos' hi-fi audio systems. "You’ve already used SoundCloud to connect with your favorite artists: now, with a click of a button, they can send their freshest tracks and playlists direct to your home," SoundCloud announced today.

Playback is...

Christopher Nolan says movie theaters can still flourish in a Netflix world

Can your local cineplex survive in a world where most people are happy to stream a movie from the couch? Director Christopher Nolan thinks so. In an op-ed published by The Wall Street Journal today, Nolan didn't hide from the facts: the moviegoing experience is rapidly changing as studios move away from film prints in favor of digital, a format that allows them to put movies on screens of every size. Video-on-demand services like Netflix,...

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