Microsoft reportedly working on a Chromecast-like streaming device

Making a cheap video streaming stick has worked out pretty well for Google; the $35 Chromecast is still perched at the top of Amazon's electronics best-seller list. Now it seems Microsoft may be making its own play to build a similar device tailored for Windows users, according to recent FCC filings. Windows Phone Daily spotted documents that indicate Microsoft's upcoming streamer will feature...

Comcast aims to hook college students on cable with TV over Wi-Fi

Comcast today formally announced a new service that will let college students at seven universities stream live TV and video on-demand programming across their personal laptops, smartphones, and tablets while connected to campus Wi-Fi. Dubbed Xfinity On Campus, the service is included as part of each student's room and board fees — which means it's also only available to those residing in on-campus housing.

The whole effort is squarely aimed at millennials who are spending more and more time watching their favorite shows and movies away from a TV set. Comcast wants to get these younger college viewers — many of whom are perfectly content living in a world of Netflix, Hulu Plus, and shared HBO Go logins — hooked on cable in hopes that ultimately they'll become paying customers once they've graduated.

Get 'em while they're young

80 live channels are bundled in, and Comcast says it's checked off every major broadcast network along with favorites like AMC, FX, Comedy Central, and...

80 live channels and on-demand programming

Netflix adds Bill Cosby to upcoming stand-up comedy schedule

Shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are key to Netflix's original programming ambitions, but the company also has a big interest in stand-up comedy. Netflix has already produced a number of comedy specials with talents like Aziz Ansari and Russell Peters for its streaming audience, and today it announced the full slate of what's coming next. Once again, it's a list full of big names including Bill Cosby, Chelsea Handler, Cheslea Peretti, and Bill Burr.

Leading the way is...

Viewers beg FCC to save rural programming amid cable mergers

There's one potential casualty of the pending cable industry mergers that most city dwellers probably haven't given much thought to: rural TV programming. But it turns out there are a lot of people concerned that Comcast and Time Warner Cable becoming one could mean the end of shows like National Tractor Pulling, Cumberland Highlanders, The Mollie B Polka Party, and re-runs of Hee-Haw. The same goes for AT&T's proposed buyout of DirecTV. A...

LG hopes to lure abandoned plasma fans with $3,500 OLED TV

If you're in the market for a TV right now, we'd recommend you pick up one of Samsung's last plasmas while there's still time. But LG knows that plasma is on the way out, so it's already making an aggressive move to inherit the "best TV" mantle with its new $3,499 55-inch, curved OLED HDTV. It's available for pre-order from Best Buy now and will arrive at stores on August 24th. Other retailers will also be stocking the TV after Best Buy's...

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