LG's updated ThinQ brand of smart appliances and new Home Energy Management System (HeMS) are coming to CES 2012. LG will also use the Las Vegas event to reveal enhanced device-to-device connectivity across its home appliances, televisions, smartphones and PCs (curiously, LG doesn't mention tablets). Announced at CES 2011, ThinQ links your devices over Wi-Fi and ZigBee letting you check the inventory of your fridge (which you painstakingly entered on its integrated LCD panel) while downloading new wash cycles to your washing machine with just a few swipes at the smartphone interface. HeMS is new, and lets you monitor the daily power consumption of your ThinQ fridge, washing machine, oven, and even HOM-BOT robotic vacuum down to the minute, and then adjust your usage based on off-peak energy prices published by your city's non-existent Smart Grid.

Unfortunately, the feature that's bound to be most useful in the year 2012 is the new "Blast Chiller" compartment found in LG's new large-capacity French-door fridge that can cool a 12-ounce can of beer or soda in less than five minutes. Take that, Higgs boson.