The CES showfloor doesn't open until next week, but here's one reason to arrive early in Las Vegas. Banners are popping up outside the convention center, and one of the big ones looming over the Central Hall entrance advertises its OLED TV presence. The choice of hyperbole specifically is "Ultimate TV... Super OLED Sensation." If we had to guess what size this "Super OLED" TV would be, we'd probably say 55 inches — that's how large LG's recently-announced (and self-touted "world's largest") OLED TV is, and that's the size Samsung is expected to release before the 2012 Olympics. With LG's set also being just 4mm thin, we're curious to see if Samsung will try to match the thickness or try to differentiate in other ways. That "super" has to count for something, right? It probably goes without saying, but this is just one in a million (not literally but close) televisions we'll see next week.