So you've purchased an HTC One series phone after reading our reviews, and now you’re looking for the perfect accessory to complement your new device. HTC thinks it has the answer with the Media Link HD, a minuscule streamer that connects to your TV over HDMI and lets you wirelessly push whatever is on your smartphone’s display to that big screen in your living room. In addition to mirroring you can use it in a dual-screen streaming mode that’ll let you continue to use your phone to browse the internet or read emails while playing a video, slideshow, or playlist on your TV.

Sure, none of that is a terribly novel idea: DLNA (the technology on which the Media Link HD is based) has been around for what seems like eons, Apple has offered similar features with AirPlay, and to top it all off HTC already had a go with this back in 2010 with the similarly-named HTC Media Link.

While this technology isn’t new and the idea isn’t all that fresh, it’s still very rare to see wireless screen mirroring pulled off properly and easily. We've said before that “AirPlay remains Apple's real trump card, the one feature... that no competing device can equal.” If HTC hopes to prove that wrong, the Media Link HD needs to be dead-simple to set up and use, the price needs to be right, and performance can’t be ignored either. The accessory itself rings up at $90 — far out of impulse purchase territory — but read on to see if HTC has a true AirPlay competitor on its hands for the One series.