We'll admit that even though we've been quite excited about the upcoming crop of Windows Phone Mango devices (see: HTC Titan, Radar, and Samsung Focus S), we've been continually disappointed in their somewhat outdated specs -- single core processors, WVGA screens, and strictly 3G radios. However, Windows Phone head Andy Lees is promising change on that front soon. In an interview with AllThingsD, Lees said that LTE models are on the way as are devices with dual-core processors, or at least they will be when the software can take advantage of the extra core. He didn't give a specific time frame on either, but he did say that  the company is working on the next version of the OS and may even release a minor update before that. We'll be on hand to see Lees take the stage at the AllThings D Asia conference next week, so perhaps more is to come very soon.