Is your next phone a noPhone?

Every so often, a device is created that is so singularly revolutionary in its execution, it's difficult to imagine the world before it. The iPhone, the PC, and the Atari 2600 are examples of these kinds of revolutionary devices. Now you can add another gadget to the list: the noPhone. This...

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HTC's new flagship phone is designed to take over Japan

HTC CEO Peter Chou was in Tokyo today to unveil the company’s latest flagship smartphone for Japan, the new J Butterfly (HTL23) on KDDI. The phone has much in common with the excellent HTC One (M8) released in the rest of the world earlier this year: it features a 5-inch 1080p display, twin front-facing BoomSound speakers, a second camera lens to allow for Lytro-style refocusing after taking...

EE now lets people pay to skip the wait when calling customer service

No one likes waiting on the phone for customer support. It's always a miserable experience, and EE thinks it's one customers will pay money to avoid. The UK carrier now offers callers the option of forking over 50 pence (roughly $0.83 USD) to jump ahead of everyone else waiting to speak with a representative. And what does that money go towards? Improving EE's customer service, of course. It will help the company open more support lines and thus, in a perfect world, cut down the wait for...


The best smartphone you can buy

Our smartphones are the single most important devices we own. They're the tools we use to communicate with our loved ones, our offices made mobile. They're our game consoles, our conduit for watching and reading anything the internet offers....

Windows Phone sales decline as share shrinks to just 2.5 percent

Windows Phone sales have been consistently increasing year-over-year each quarter for the last year, but new figures show that growth has significantly stalled recently. IDC reports that Windows Phone sales dropped by 9.4 percent in Q2 2014 compared to the same period last year. That’s a big set back for Microsoft’s Windows Phone efforts, just months after the company acquired Nokia’s phone making business. Overall, it means Windows Phone...


Sweepstakes: win an HTC One M8 limited edition designed by Phunk Studio (update: giveaway over)

HTC has hooked up with Singapore-based Phunk Studio — a group that describes itself as a "contemporary art and design collective" — for its latest limited-edition phone, a remixed version of the One M8 that features an intricate design engraved into the metal case. Only 64 are being produced in gold and silver variations as a teaser for Phunk's next exhibition, so buying one could be a little difficult.

We've got you covered, though: we're...

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