Microsoft pits Siri against Cortana in new Windows Phone 8.1 ad

Microsoft is focusing on Apple’s Siri digital assistant in one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 commercials. It’s another return to the Mac vs. PC war, as Microsoft chooses to mock Siri in an effort to showcase Cortana for the first time. The new commercial sees an iPhone 5S pitted against a...

Is Instagram doing enough to fix its account hijacking bug?

If you're checking Instagram on public Wi-Fi, you may be exposing more than you realize. A security researcher named Mazin Ahmed has published a new report showing how easy it is to hijack an Instagram account, and taking the company to task for lax security. The technique relies on catching Instagram data in transit, either through an open Wi-Fi hotspot or a more sophisticated attack at the...

Your smartphone will replace room keys at Hilton hotels by end of 2016

Within a couple years, most people will never need to visit the front desk at a Hilton hotel ever again. The company plans to let customers use their smartphones to unlock room doors at most Hilton-owned hotels by the end of 2016. That's over 4,100 properties in all, so it's not entirely surprising that the plan to make plastic key cards obsolete will take some time. But other improvements will arrive sooner, according to The Wall Street Journal. You'll no longer be at the mercy of the front desk when it comes to room placement; customers will be able to choose their own room and even preview its location by the time summer wraps up. So if you've got the inside track on a standout room — maybe it's quieter or offers a better view than others — it should be easier to lock down.

By upgrading its technology and offering smartphone-savvy customers a new level of convenience, Hilton hopes to pull ahead of competitors like Marriott and Starwood. The company has invested $550 million in...

Skip the front desk

Google Maps now helps you find breakfast spots in thunderstorms

Google isn't about to let Foursquare's upcoming redesign steal the spotlight. The search engine giant is today introducing a more context-sensitive version of the Explore function for its Maps app. The revamped feature now offers suggestions based on time and weather conditions, allowing users to schedule outdoor picnics around hurricane alerts. It is also possible to personalize recommendations further by inputting a specific time frame and your own definition of what qualifies as "nearby."


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The best calendar app for iPhone

A great calendar app is like a great assistant. It lets you know 30 minutes before important appointments, updates you about events with work friends and college friends, and has directions ready as you walk out the door. I can’t afford an assistant, but luckily calendars apps are a lot more affordable: some of the best options for iPhone can be had for under $9.99. These apps do a lot more than Apple’s stock calendar app, which has only one...

Sprint and Google partner up to push Google Apps for enterprise

Sprint and Google are today announcing a new partnership which allows Sprint to sell Google's Apps for Business services to its enterprise customers starting next month. Google Apps, which is the search giant's business-focused offering of its ubiquitous consumer services, includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, and a number of other Google services. Sprint will essentially be a reseller of Google's services, and it will...

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