Sonim has long been known for making some of the most ridiculously rugged, over-engineered handsets in the world, and the trend continues here at CTIA with a refreshed version of the venerable XP1300 Core. The new XP1301 Core NFC is nearly the same phone with one important exception — it's got an NFC back, capable of reading NFC tags from as far as 4cm away. Of course, most of the NFC-related news this year has focused on mobile payments — Google Wallet being the most prominent example — but Sonim's taking a different angle by focusing on developer-driven enterprise applications. The company came to the show with some mousepads with NFC tags attached, and each tag shows a variation of the phone's capabilities; examples include scanning worker ID badges, clocking in and out of a work facility, and marking a site job complete. This isn't the kind of stuff your average consumer is going to care about, but then again, Sonim doesn't make "average consumer" phones.