A new Samsung phone with model number GT-i9250 has received FCC approval this evening. Samsung itself has leaked that GT-i9250 will be the model number of the upcoming Nexus Prime, the handset running Google's Ice Cream Sandwich that was expected to be unveiled at CTIA next week before a last-minute cancellation — so naturally, news of its certification is a pretty big deal. This particular variant offers support for dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC, and 3G data on the 850, 1900, and AWS bands, which is interesting since that means it'll work beautifully on both AT&T and T-Mobile (it's also possible that other bands are supported as well for international use, but they're not typically reported in FCC filings, so we don't know yet). We'll keep our eyes peeled for the rumored Verizon variant with LTE support — but in the meantime, this is excellent news for North American GSM customers hoping to get a quick jump on Android 4.0.