The selection of decent portable speakers are on the rise thanks to the preponderance of mobile devices like cellphones and tablets; on-the-go access to digital games, video, and music; and advances in miniature acoustics. Now Logitech is rejoining the game with its Mini Boombox featuring a ten hour rechargeable battery, backlit capacitive touch buttons along the top, and the ability to connect to your mobile device over A2DP Bluetooth wireless or a 3.5mm audio jack. It also packs a built-in mic and supports the Bluetooth hands-free profile (HFP 1.5) allowing it to function as a wireless speakerphone when paired to your cellphone.

Although Logitech promises an "immersive" listening experience thanks to a "specially designed acoustic chamber," we'd strongly advise giving this box, as with all miniature speakers, a listen before handing the company your $99.99. It's available for preorder now with shipments beginning later in November for Europe and the US.

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