Opera has brought all its mobile browsers to the same version, catching other platforms up to advances that hit Android last month. The light-weight, server-side browser Opera Mini is now at version 6.5 on iOS, S60, J2ME, and BlackBerry, and the more powerful Opera Mobile reached version 11.5 for S60 and MeeGo, but through a funky "Opera Labs" version for the latter. It's nice to see a company make a solid effort to keep all of its users up to date on the same version regardless of platform, but unfortunately there's still no sign of Opera on Windows Phone 7.

There's not much new in these releases: a usage tracker which shows how much data you're saving by using Opera's compression engine, one-click bookmarking, and Opera Mobile gets improved Opera Turbo and additional video support.

With Amazon's new Silk browser also using server-side compression to boost speed, it'll be interesting to see how it and the Opera browsers compare, both for security and velocity.