The ZTE Chorus is bringing entry-level pricing to Cricket's Muve Music service at $39.99 after some significant discounts off the $119.99 MSRP. You really don't get much for that price, though: a 600MHz processor, 3.2-inch WQVGA resistive touchscreen with 262,000 colors, and a paltry 2.0-megapixel camera. However, if all you want is the cheapest way into unlimited music downloads, ringtones, and video at $55 per month, this could be for you. Be careful though, because you're apparently also giving up Android for a generic "Linux OS" when you go that route — the Muve Music plan for Android phones is $65 per month and not available on the Chorus. Technically ZTE could've started with Android source code and customized it beyond recognition, but it doesn't include the usual suite of Google apps. If you must have access to the Market and all its offerings, you may want to pony up for an actual smartphone like the $69.99 ZTE score and the extra $10 per month for using Muve Music on Google's OS. The Chorus is available from Cricket now.