Comscore's numbers for the US mobile phone industry are out showing performance over the last three months ending in November. The MobiLens study, based on data culled from 30,000 US mobile subscribers, identifies Samsung as the top manufacture of both smartphones and non-smartphones in the US. The South Korean company garnered a 25.6 percent share representing a 0.3 point bump since the August report. LG's not far behind with 20.5 percent, followed by Motorola (13.7 percent), Apple (11.2 percent), and RIM (6.5 percent). Notably, Apple had the largest growth in the category, rising 1.4 percentage points from its 9.8 percent share in August as 234 million Americans age 13 and older increasingly choose smartphones over feature- and dumb-phones.

The more profitable smartphone category shows Google's Android platform dominating the market with a 46.9 percent share to Apple's 28.7 percent, with Android outpacing iOS phones with a 3.1 percentage point increase to Apple's 1.4. RIM was the biggest loser, dropping from a 19.7 percent market share in August to 16.6 percent in November. Still well above Microsoft's 5.2 percent share, however, which continues to fall even after the release of its Windows Phone Mango OS update.