Manchester United's tablet ban brings an end to annoying iPad selfies

Manchester United, one of the world’s most valuable soccer clubs, is banning the use of iPads and laptops at its stadium this season. "Large electronic devices including laptops and tablets will be added to the existing list of prohibited items for matchdays at Old Trafford," reads a statement from the club, noting that it’s "reacting to the latest security intelligence" in a similar way to UK...

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Time-lapse video shows Pyongyang from a different perspective

More than anywhere else on earth, North Korea is hidden from the world community. But a videographer and a self-proclaimed "branding pioneer" have put together a unique look at the nation's capital city, Pyongyang. The two men, JT Singh and Rob Whitworth, traveled to the city with support from a state-run tourism agency and captured the footage needed to create this time-lapse video of the mysterious capital. It's an unusual video that's both eerie and enlightening at the same time. As you might expect, the two creators did not have free reign, and the restrictions have left an obvious mark on the final product. Like all visitors to North Korea, the two were escorted everywhere they went and were "not allowed to shoot any construction sites, undeveloped locations or military personnel." Nevertheless, it's a one-of-a-kind view of a city you've likely seen only a handful of times.

The city that time forgot

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The Verge's 10 best review photos

We've seen and tested hundreds of gadgets over the past few years. And when we photograph these devices for our reviews, we try our hardest to display them in their element or at their best. After digging through the archives, here are the photos that we think stand out the...

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Post-apocalyptic photography with 'The Last of Us' on PS4

If all Naughty Dog did in bringing The Last of Us Remastered to the PlayStation 4 was upgrade the post-apocalyptic PS3 hit’s graphics and boost the frame rate, a lot of people would have been satisfied enough. But there’s another way that the game looks better than ever: its photo mode, which lets you freeze the action at any time to compose and share beautiful still pictures. The mode is the work of Jason Gregory and Artem Kovalovs, who were tasked by the studio’s co-presidents with building...


What I learned shooting with the Lytro Illum

I’ve been fascinated with Lytro since the company published its first “living” photos in 2011. Having gotten into semi-pro photography well after the shift to digital, it was exciting to get swept up in the idea that we might be quickly...


Lytro Illum review: this is the camera of the future

Ten minutes into using the Lytro Illum, I’m throwing out everything I’ve ever learned about photography. Taking great photos with this camera has a different set of rules, a different guiding principle. Forget the rule of thirds; shoot for depth....


We are all Glassholes now

2013 was the year of the Glasshole — the year that technology made one of its most violent entries into our personal lives at bars, restaurants, workplaces, and homes. Public backlash stemmed from concerns about Glass’ clandestine camera, and about fears of being documented publicly without consent. But really, Glass isn’t much different from the cameras we already use. It’s just the most obvious manifestation of our obsession with...

Photo Essay

A closer look at the Lytro Illum, the futuristic new light-field camera

Two years ago, Lytro's first camera showed us a world in which we never had to worry about getting the right photo anymore, where we could change focus and perspective well after we shot our photos in the first place. But that camera looked like a kaleidoscope: the square red camera was too odd, too awkward to really get down and dirty with. The Illum, Lytro's second model, is a $1,499 beast of a digital camera that is designed to completely...

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