Amazon's updated Cloud Drive Photos app makes it easier to browse your pictures

Amazon is finally giving its Cloud Drive Photos app on iOS the overhaul it so desperately needs. Before today, the app automatically uploaded photos and videos from your camera roll and put them in one massive folder. There was no efficient way to navigate through them; everything was ordered chronologically, but photos weren't split up in any helpful way. Finding the shot you were looking for...

NYC restaurant inspectors would wear cameras under new bill

New York City restaurant inspectors could be wearing a camera later this year when they walk in to grade a restaurant. Legislation introduced to city council yesterday and backed by over 20 sponsors would establish a pilot program to get inspectors recording their visits to restaurants on some type of camera affixed to their body or clothing. If the legislation passes, 10 percent of all inspections would be conducted with a camera for one year, at which point the program would cease and be evaluated for potential expansion.

Recordings would be viewable by restaurant owners

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Drinking coffee inside a two-story camera

Forget Starbucks. A South Korean couple has built a cafe that looks like a classic Rolleiflex twin-lens camera, and they would love to hear your story as you sip down a cup of coffee.

Park Sung-hwan dreamed of becoming a military pilot ever since he was a boy in elementary school. When he...

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Teaching cameras to photograph dark skin

How can African-Americans deal with film stock designed for caucasian skin? At Buzzfeed Ideas, Syreeta McFadden runs down the history of the problem across different cameras and film stocks. Growing up in the era of Kodak Gold Stock, McFadden struggled to find a process that didn't make her skin look charcoaly, dull yellow, or strangely bluish. Capturing naturally darker skin tones was a huge problem for Gold Stock, both because of standardized processing techniques and the chemical...

Sony announces full-frame A7s camera that can practically shoot 4K video in the dark

Sony's first mirrorless, full-frame cameras were designed to impress photographers. Now the Japanese company is going after videographers with a new variant of its 35mm, interchangeable lens camera, dubbed the A7s. For those who shoot video, the standout feature is that the A7s (unlike the A7 and A7r before it) can shoot full 4K video.

But there's another impressive improvement in the A7s: a maximum ISO of 409,600. That's the top end of its...

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How the rolling hills of 'Bliss' changed desktop backgrounds forever

As Microsoft prepares to end support for Windows XP on April 8, one part of the operating system will never die: the iconic photograph of green hills known as Bliss. The picture was taken — and left untouched — by photographer Charles O'Rear as he drove through California wine country on his way to visit his girlfriend (who would soon become his wife). Microsoft later bought the image from O'Rear for an unreported amount of money, but...

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