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Looking back on the ads that helped define photography for a century

Louis Daguerre first introduced his daguerrotype in 1839, and it was the first true camera to break into the mainstream. However, photography was vastly different proposition in the mid-19th century than what it is today — the technology was very in its infancy, and what it meant to society would take decades to develop. That's where ads came in. Hyperallergic takes us down memory lane and...

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Watch these drones fly through breathtaking fireworks displays

If you're browsing YouTube for some highlights from the fireworks shows around the US yesterday, make sure you don't settle for a shaky smartphone video. Some brave videographers have started flying their quadrocopters directly through fireworks for some incredible (and likely illegal) video of the colorful explosions. In the best videos, operators spin the drone around the center of the fireworks explosions. The technique transforms the shows from simple rays of light splashed across the dark sky into fantastic three-dimensional experiences. The video above was shot last night in the small city of Yachats, Orgeon during July 4th celebrations, while the other is from earlier this year in West Palm Beach, Florida. Both were shot using a DJi Phantom, a line of popular consumer quadrocopters used by videographers.

Puts your smartphone video to shame

Nikon's D810 DSLR is all about filmmaking

Nikon has been trying to take the throne from Canon as the champion of DSLR video, and today it’s unveiling a new camera designed to step up the fight: the Nikon D810. The D810 is the successor to the D800, Nikon’s first real shot at taking down Canon’s highly regarded 5D...

The best camera you can buy for $250

Most people take photos with their smartphones today, but what if you need a little more? A real camera can give you much more zoom range, greater control, and better image quality. We've picked the best camera you can buy for under $250, because beating your smartphone doesn't always require breaking the bank.


The best camera you can buy for under $250

For the vast majority of people, the compact camera is dead. Today’s smartphones take good enough pictures, easily fit in our pockets, and are always with us. But there are situations where the fixed lens on a smartphone just doesn’t cut it.


AirDog tracking drone could be the ultimate GoPro sidekick

If you're heavy into GoPro and the world of live-action video, you may want to start saving up for AirDog. It's a new flying drone that promises to automatically track its owner with the help of a massive wrist-worn remote. You simply strap your...

Amazon's Fire Phone recognizes everything around you with 'Firefly'

Amazon's Fire Phone is a showcase for the company's various services, but it's also being positioned as the best possible way to buy products and digital media from Amazon. Jeff Bezos just demoed a new technology called "Firefly" that's capable of recognizing both objects in the real world and content like music and TV shows. Bezos said Firefly can identify up to 100 million items in all. It's triggered by holding the same button that serves...

The Amazon Fire Phone comes with free unlimited photo storage

Amazon just announced its long-awaited Fire Phone, and the company is taking a shot directly at one of Apple's perceived weaknesses by offering free unlimited photo storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. It matches what appears to be an impressive camera on the new phone, and is an easy way for the company to immediately differentiate itself from the competition. With smartphones having become a de facto way for people to take photos, storage has...

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