The deadly arsenal on both sides of Israel’s invasion of Gaza

Horrific violence continues to spread across Gaza this week, where an Israeli air and ground offensive against the Islamist group Hamas has killed more than 700 people — most of them Palestinian civilians, and many of them children. Both the United Nations and the US, Israel's main ally, have called for a cease-fire, though neither side has shown any sign of relenting.

This month's fighting...

Obama will reportedly order privacy guidelines for domestic drone use

Privacy guidelines may soon be put in place for drones flying within the US. According to Politico, President Obama plans to issue an executive order to have a set of voluntary privacy guidelines drafted for commercial drones. The guidelines would help protect citizens as these small aircraft — often carrying cameras — become increasingly available. Politico reports that it is not yet known when the order will be issued, but that the White House is working to figure out the proper policy.

Voluntary guidelines as drones move toward ubiquity


Why governments are scrambling to pass smartphone kill-switch laws

In less than a decade, smartphones have become an incredibly important part of peoples' lives. In the US alone, 166 million people now own them, according to a recent report by ComScore. And those devices aren't just used for making calls. More often they're used for texting, web browsing, going through email, and downloading apps, with Americans spending — on average — more than an hour a day with their eyes glued to tiny glowing screens.

All those things make them an increasingly worrisome...


The most advanced police sketch ever might solve cold cases

A few minutes before 9PM on December 20th, 1983, 22-year-old Erin Gilmour finished her tasks for the evening at the boutique where she was working in the Toronto shopping district of Yorkville and then closed up shop. Though the details about what...


Cold War redux: Russia may reopen a Soviet-era spy base in Cuba

Russia has agreed to reopen a spy base in Cuba that provided critical intelligence on the US during the Cold War, according to reports published this week. Details of the purported agreement have not been disclosed, and it's not yet clear whether the move is strategic or symbolic. But experts say the apparent rekindling of Cold War-era alliances underscores Moscow's efforts to extend its sphere of influence at a time when US-Russia relations...

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