LG 55LM960V

Basic Specs

Product series Cinema 3D
Screen size (diagonal) 55 inches
Platform LG Smart
Notable app support Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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Tech Specs

Also Known As...

Product series Cinema 3D
Alias Full LED Cinema 3D Smart TV


Width 48.11 inches
Height 30.78 inches
Depth 14.66 inches
Weight 51.59 pounds
Color Silver
Removable stand Yes
VESA mount compatible Yes


Screen size (diagonal) 55 inches
Aspect ratio 16:9
Native resolution (X) 1920 px
Native resolution (Y) 1080 px
Maximum resolution 1080p
Technology LCD
Backlight type LED
LED Backlight type Local
3D enabled Yes


Speakers 2
Subwoofer Yes
Effects Infinite Surround


External storage Yes

Bundled Remote Control

Remote model AN-MR300
Accelerometer Yes


Ethernet Yes
Wi-Fi Yes

Input Ports

Coaxial RF input(s) 2
Composite video input(s) 1
Component video input(s) 1
HDMI input(s) 4
HDMI version 1.4
VGA (D-sub) input(s) 1
3.5mm audio input(s) 1

Output Ports

Digital optical audio output(s) 1
Headphone(s) 1

Bundled accessories

Bundled accessories 3D Glasses (4 x 3D Glasses, 2 x Dual Play Glasses, 1 x Clip-on)

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No recent news about LG 55LM960V.

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No recent discussions about LG 55LM960V.

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  • 10.0
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    Reviewed by HDTVs (Currently owns)

    I read ALOT of reviews and tested this TV out at Best Buy before purchasing this TV set. After all, its over 3 grand for the 55". Ill just break it down by the categories The Verge has listed:

    Design - Well not much to be said here except for the fact that its the best-looking TV of 2012 (out of LED/LCD/Plasma).

    Picture Quality - There has been a lot of negative buzz about this TV's PQ as well as positive buzz so I didn't have high expectations for its out-of-the-box settings. I set the stock presets to Cinema mode (THX) and I wasn't disappointed. I used calman software and got pretty close to 2.2 gamma and temperature remained around 6508k which is excellent, even for an IPS panel. I had my friend do the actual calibration and man, once this tv is calibrated it has some of the best looking HD images I have ever seen on a LED. The 2D was fantastic - black levels were good for IPS, very sharp detail and shadow detailing. 3D was a big winner as its passive technology looks like it improved tremendously vs the 2011 passive 3d tvs.

    Sound Quality - I'm not the type of person to spend over 3k on a tv and not include a sound system. As with all flat panel displays, for large rooms, the sound can be weak at times but you would get a system for a TV of this caliber anyways.

    Software - The main UI was quite impressive. The LM760T (LM7600 in u.s.) is the highest model that doesn't have the dual-core processor. This TV had the dual-core and it improves browser/apps seed immensely. Most apps take less than a second to load.

    Remote - Magic motion was and still the remote to beat in terms of usability and functionality. It syncs with the TV beautifully.

    Overall, this TV is the best LED TV out in 2012 IMO. There aren't that many TVs that can match this TV overall and I highly recommend this model to anyone looking to sharpen up their living room or enjoy a great quality tv.

    The Breakdown

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    • 9
    • 10
    • Design 10
    • Picture quality 9
    • Sound quality 8
    • Software 10
    • Accessories, remote 10
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