Jays a-JAYS One+

Basic Specs

Design In-ear
Connection type Wired (3.5mm)

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Tech Specs


Weight 0.03 pounds
Color Black
Design In-ear
Connection type Wired (3.5mm)
Wire length 45 inches
In-line remote Yes
Makes phone calls Yes


Microphone Yes
Impedance 16 Ω
Frequency response (low) 20 Hz
Frequency response (high) 18000 Hz

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No recent news about Jays a-JAYS One+.

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No recent discussions about Jays a-JAYS One+.

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  • 8.0
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    Reviewed by nailerr (Currently owns)

    I made a u-turn in my quest for in-ear monitors recently and started to look for buds under 100 euros, I just wanted good sound while out walking. Mainly Spotify on my HTC Sensation.

    And this is when I heard of Jays, about to put out a revamped version of their a-Jays One with Android, Nokia and Blackberry in mind. And this part is more than marketing hyperbole - at least with Android.

    You have seen one button wired remote controls by now, simple play/pause and answer/hang-up call function with a microphone hanging just around your jaw. And as you see in the image the a-Jays One+ are no different. Except Jays have provided an application for Android (perhaps others later?) which catches clicks from that single button, decoding patterns into commands. And it works wonderfully.

    There are three modes starting with Off. Flicking the virtual clickwheel around to the first option enables Simple control which understands 8 commands; answer/hang-up calls, play/pause, track forward/previous and volume up/down. To go forwards a track for example you click twice, volume down though is two clicks then held down.

    Third is Advanced which lets you configure how clicks are decoded, even specifying timing and what application should react.

    Loud (50% volume easily drowns out the world) warm sound with good response to heavy and fast beats, described by some as being very analogue - which I find an odd statement, though agree there is a smoothness to the bass without any harsh highs.

    I think Jays were wise to say the sound balancing is for enjoying music rather than studio detail and it has been a while since I had a set of earphones that made me want to keep finding more tracks to try out. My last two sets were loud (Marshall Minor) or good with detail (Apple dual-driver) but I am finding the Jays to be a more lively sound.

    Clear in the upper end with vocals being where you want them in the mix, there is also heavy and smooth bass which has served well from Deadmau5 and Kanye West through Goldfrapp, Mayhem, Fear Factory and Crystal Castles.

    The design is wonderfully understated, matte black buds with flat rubberised cables that avoid tangles. I do worry that the cable may eventually come lose as cables are usually anchored inside the casing with a knot, I hope Jays managed something similar with these. There is a 2 year warranty though and the cost of replacement is hardly devastating.

    Downsides? So far just one. The microphone on the cable is often accused of having hard to hear muffled sound when hanging freely. I thought perhaps I got a dud unit, though it would seem that simply pulling it a little closer to your mouth, or cupping a hand around it to catch a little more sound solves the issue, callers then reporting clear loud sound. A small oversight in tuning perhaps.

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    • Design 8
    • Sound quality 7
    • Comfort 8
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