Dell Chromebook 11

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Chromebooks are the simplest computers you can buy today, but they’ve proven a tricky formula for manufacturers to get right. The perfect Chromebook is cheap, fast enough, well-built, and lasts all day long on a single charge. We’ve seen plenty of Chromebooks try and come up just short, hitting a few of those points while missing on others. The recent models from HP and Acer have offered decent performance and solid battery life, but don’t go far enough to hide the fact that they are cheap...

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Basic Specs

Laptop type Ultraportable
Thickness 0.97 inches
Weight 2.9 pounds
Operating system Chrome OS
Screen size (diagonal) 11.6 inches
CPU brand Intel
CPU family Celeron
Graphics type Integrated
Integrated GPU model HD Graphics

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Tech Specs


Laptop type Ultraportable
Width 11.6 inches
Depth 7.9 inches
Thickness 0.97 inches
Weight 2.9 pounds
Color Black


Operating system Chrome OS

Display (base)

Screen size (diagonal) 11.6 inches
Display surface Glossy
Technology LCD
Backlight LED
Resolution (X) 1366 px
Resolution (Y) 768 px
PPI 135


Type(s) Trackpad

Processor (base)

CPU brand Intel
CPU family Celeron
Model 2995U
Clockspeed 1.4 GHz

GPU (base)

Graphics type Integrated
Integrated GPU brand Intel
Integrated GPU model HD Graphics


Base RAM size 2 GB
Max. config RAM size 4 GB


Base drive type Flash (SSD)
Base drive capacity 16 GB
Card reader Yes
Card reader support SD


Speakers 2

Port options

USB 3.0 1


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi options 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version 4.0

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  • 8.0
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    Reviewed by piedoom (Currently owns)

    More than I expected, for sure. I purchased this laptop for my mother, and I think it has to be one of my better purchases. The design and build quality is superb, and the 4GB RAM version I got performs very well. I only have two annoyances. The screen - although superb for a $300 laptop - is still only just passing, with duller contrast, shallow blacks, and narrow viewing angles. However, it's by no means poor - just not fantastic - and I really didn't expect much more than that. My other annoyance is with ChromeOS. My mom really grasped it well, and she isn't tech savvy at all. Unfortunately, I couldn't yet change the size of the UI icons without downsizing resolution, which was a problem for her since she doesn't have great eyesight. I'm sure this is a problem Google will address in the future.

    Other than that, huge battery, fantastic performance, great touchpad, very nice typing keyboard, and very little heat or fan noise. ChromeOS has really matured, and I'm happy I went with a Chromebook rather than a Windows notebook. My mom, a Windows user her whole life, grasped it with ease.

    The Breakdown

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    • Design 10
    • Keyboard 8
    • Touchpad 7
    • Display 5
    • Performance 9
    • Heat / noise 8
    • Battery life 10
    • Software 7
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