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The Family Computer Disk System, a disk-based addition to the wildly popular Nintendo Famicom, was introduced in February of 1983 as a way to expand the amount of information a game developer was able to access. Later that year Sharp, in conjunction with Nintendo, released the Twin Famicom which integrated the previously seperate Disk System into one coherent package. The Twin Famicom retained the ability to play Famicom cartridges, as well as the hard-connected controllers from it's parent console.


  • Status: Discontinued
  • Availability date: Jul. 1, 1986


  • Color: Black / Red, Red / Black, Orange / Silver, Black / Green
  • Exterior surface: Matte


  • CPU model: 6502
  • CPU speed: 1.79 MHz
  • GPU ram: 2 KB
  • RAM: 2 KB


  • Audio / Video output: Unspecified
  • Physical controller port(s): 2
  • Controller connection: Wired
  • Memory card port(s): 0
  • USB: 0


  • Internal storage: 0 KB


  • Game media: Disc
  • Backwards compatibility: Family Computer Cartridges


  • Power supply: External


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