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Sony's VR system is currently codenamed Project Morpheus, and will work with PlayStation 4.It's still in prototype form and will not be released in 2014. The headset uses a 1080p LCD, offers a 90-degree field of view, and will integrate with the PlayStation Camera for tracking and PlayStation Move for motion control. It connects via HDMI and USB; while the current prototype uses a 5-meter cable, Sony would like to make it wireless


The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 is the second generation of virtual reality head-mounted display that the company will sell to software developers interested in getting a head start in making virtual worlds for the device. It features a new OLED display (versus the original's LCD) designed to use low-persistence-of-vision to smooth motion, as well as a full positional tracking system.

  • Status: Announced


  • Status: Available
  • Availability date: Mar. 19, 2014
  • Price at launch: $350.00
  • Color: Black / Silver


  • Weight: .97 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope
  • Inertial update rate: 1000 Hz
  • Included camera: No (separate camera required)


  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer
  • Inertial update rate: 1000 Hz
  • Included camera: Near infrared CMOS
  • Positional update rate: 60 Hz
  • Native resolution (X): 1920
  • Native resolution (Y): 1080
  • Resolution (per eye): 960 x 1080
  • Technology: LCD
  • Field of view: 90 °


  • Native resolution (X): 1920
  • Native resolution (Y): 1080
  • Resolution (per eye): 960 x 1080
  • Technology: OLED
  • Field of view: 100 °
  • Max refresh rate: 75 Hz
  • Video in: HDMI
  • USB 2.0: 1
  • HDMI output: 1
  • Headphone output(s): 1


  • Video in: HDMI
  • USB 2.0: 1
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