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Fujifilm seems to believe cameras stopped getting better in about 1954, and it might be right: its high-end X-series takes its cues from the Leica cameras of decades ago, and the results have been beautiful. The X10 is a slightly more consumer-friendly (read: less expensive) model than the previously released X100, costing $599 instead of the X100’s $1,199. The look is still the same, and although the specs aren’t as impressive as the X100 they’re still high-end: f/2.0 lens, 12-megapixel CMOS...

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Basic Specs

Camera type Point-and-shoot
Sensor size Other
Sensor type CMOS
Effective pixels 12 megapixels
RAW support RAW, RAW + JPEG
Supported media SD, SDHC, SDXC

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Tech Specs

Pricing (body only)

Price at launch 599.95 $


Camera type Point-and-shoot
Width 6.69 inches
Height 2.74 inches
Depth 2.24 inches
Weight 0.77 pounds
Color Black
Internal image stabilization Yes


Sensor size Other
Size 2/3"
Sensor type CMOS
Effective pixels 12 megapixels


Minimum ISO 100
Maximum ISO 12800
Fastest shutter speed (1/n seconds) 4000
Slowest shutter speed (n seconds) 30 seconds
Max. continuous shooting speed 10 FPS


Size 2.8 inches
Resolution 460000 dots
Built-in viewfinder Yes


Video capture Yes
Max. resolution 1080p
Standard framerate(s) 30
Continuous AF Yes


Supported video formats H.264
RAW support RAW, RAW + JPEG


Focal length (wide) 7.1 mm
Focal length (telephoto) 28.4 mm
Focal length (35mm equivalent - wide) 28 mm
Focal length (35mm equivalent - telephoto) 112 mm
Widest aperture / f-stop 2
Optical zoom 4 x
Digital zoom 2 x


Supported media SD, SDHC, SDXC


Built-in microphone Yes


Video out Yes
Connection(s) USB, HDMI mini


Model NP-50
Removable Yes


Flash Yes (Built-in)

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No recent discussions about Fujifilm X10.

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by tetravus2001 (Currently owns)

    I'll admit that I originally considered buying this camera purely based on looks. I wanted the X100, but the price and impracticality of no zoom put me off. So when the X10 was announced it immediately had my attention.
    The camera feels fantastic to hold and it has a nice weight to it. All the controls and dials feel how they should; firm, so you wan't find controls have changed every time you take it from your bag. I think it goes without saying the overall look of the camera is gorgeous; I have received many compliments whilst using the X10 on holidays/at events/honeymooning.
    I love the photo's it takes. I'm not very technical with this sort of thing, but the colours seem to pop. It might be the LCD screen on the back, but I found the images looked great. I'm not really a big video person, but I have no qualms with the short vids I've taken.
    The controls take a little getting use to. It takes a little hunting thru the menu to find some special features, but having the custom function button up top is very handy.
    The panoramic feature (which I'm sure is on a lot of cameras these days), is really handy for those amazing landscape shots, or interior design photos.
    I do have an issue with the battery life. On holidays I find I have to charge it every night to ensure the camera doesn't cut out half way thru the second day of usage. With lighter usage I'm sure this would not be a problem. And I've been advised by many to just invest in a secondary battery, which I will get around to doing soon.
    Another problem is finding lens filters. There is a ring adapter available for the X10, but I've found that its vented design lets dust get in between the lens and the filter (useless!). So I have settled for a 40mm UV filter which screws directly onto the lens. However! beware... each brand seems to have differing thread pitch, so try it on before you buy if possible. Marumi 40mm and Sunpak 40mm fit well enough (Sunpak doesn't fully screw on, but its firm enough).
    Overall its a very fun camera to have for happy snaps as well as those days you feel kind of artsy =D.
    Just make sure you pack another battery.

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    • Hardware / design 10
    • Image quality 9
    • Video quality 9
    • Interface / controls 8
    • Features 9
    • Performance 8
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