Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo

Basic Specs

Thickness 0.46 inches
Weight 0.22 pounds
Form factor Slab
Screen size (diagonal) 3 inches
Operating system Android
Launch OS version 4.1.2

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Tech Specs


Height 4.13 inches
Width 2.28 inches
Thickness 0.46 inches
Weight 0.22 pounds
Form factor Slab
Color Black, White
Loudspeaker Yes


Screen size (diagonal) 3 inches
Technology LCD
Resolution (Y) 320 px
Resolution (X) 240 px
Touchscreen type Capacitive


GSM frequencies supported 1900, 1800, 900, 850
UMTS frequencies supported 900, 2100
Max WWAN downlink speed 7.2 Mbps
Max WWAN uplink speed 5.76 Mbps
Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi support 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version Bluetooth 4.0


Brand / family ARM Cortex A9
Clock speed 850 MHz


RAM size 512 MB


Internal size 4 GB
External Yes
Max external size 32 GB
External type microSD

Rear Camera

Resolution 2 megapixels
Flash None
Video resolution Custom
Video framerate 15


Operating system Android
Skin TouchWiz
Launch OS version 4.1.2


Sensors Compass (Magnetometer), Accelerometer

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  • 4.0
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    Reviewed by gabriel3374 (Currently owns)

    After my phone got stolen when I was traveling and I didn't have the opportunity to replace it with a decent phone, I quickly bought this one as a bridge phone, a short term replacement.

    Touch screen: The responsiveness is very laggy. Sometimes I try to unlock it and it won't work. I have to turn the screen on and off several times by pressing the lock-button and hope that it works the next time. I have a pattern lock and I usually have to swipe it in more than once until it recognizes what I did. When typing, sometimes it will get stuck and then suddenly write ten letters at once. The touchscreen is very inaccurate though and I constantly hit the wrong keys. This also makes the swipe-input method difficult to use. I dislike typing on this phone so much that when I receive a message on my phone, I will walk to my laptop and respond there. Unfortunately this doesn't work for WhatsApp.

    OS: The phone runs 4.1.3 and doesn't seem to be able to handle it. Animations are never smooth and sometimes when I press the home-button it will take up to 10 seconds until it loads up the home-screen. Multitasking is also not very helpful. When long-pressing the home-button in order to open the multitasking menu I also wait about 8 seconds until it can show me what applications were running recently. It can barely do two things at once. When I listen to music and at the same time surf the Internet (which is also horribly slow) the music will randomly stop playing until I re-open the music app. I assume this happens because the phone ran out of memory. I like to take my iPod with mid for this reason. This is why the multitasking menu is not exactly a multitasking menu than it really is a recently-opened list of apps. Every touch on the screen should be well-considered as it will take several seconds in order to show you what you did and if you are not sure if the screen recognized your input and bother to try again, it will usually turn out that it did recognize your first input, took a while to load the screen, recognize your second input as well and applies your second input on the following screen, messing up what you actually wanted to do because you have to return to the previous page, which will also take several seconds and so you waste a lot of time and battery life on fixing wrong inputs....

    I didn't have enough space here, go here to read the rest of this review:

    The Breakdown

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    • 4
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    • 10
    • Design 5
    • Display 4
    • Camera(s) 1
    • Reception / call quality 8
    • Performance 2
    • Software 3
    • Battery life 1
    • Ecosystem 8
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