Samsung Gear Fit

Verge Review

I’m in the final stretch. My legs are aching; I’m drenched in sweat. The finish line is near, I can feel it. My wrist buzzes. An email: Amazon finally shipped my order of Rice Krispies Treats cereal. I keep running. My wrist buzzes again. A calendar reminder, editorial meeting in one hour. I ignore it and keep going, pounding the treadmill below me with each step. Finally, my wrist buzzes again. This is the one I’ve been looking for — I’ve hit my goal of 20,000 steps for the day and...

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Basic Specs

Weight .06 pounds
Color Black
Sensors Accelerometer , Gyroscope, Heart rate
Screen size (diagonal) 1.84 inches

Tech Specs


Length 2.26 inches
Width .92 inches
Depth .47 inches
Weight .06 pounds
Color Black
Sensors Accelerometer , Gyroscope, Heart rate


Screen size (diagonal) 1.84 inches
Technology Super AMOLED
Resolution (Y) 432 px
Resolution (X) 128 px
PPI 245


Wireless support Bluetooth 4.0
Port(s) Micro USB


Capacity 210 mAh

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