Canon GL2

Basic Specs

Camera type Professional video
Sensor size Other
Sensor type 3CCD
Articulating / hinged screen Yes
Supported media SD, MiniDV

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Tech Specs


Camera type Professional video
Width 12.05 inches
Height 5.35 inches
Depth 4.65 inches
Weight 2.76 pounds
Color Gray / Black


Sensor size Other
Size 1/4"
Sensor type 3CCD


Fastest shutter speed (1/n seconds) 15000


Size 2.5 inches
Articulating / hinged screen Yes
Built-in viewfinder Yes


Video capture Yes
Max. resolution 480p
Standard framerate(s) 25, 30
Continuous AF Yes


Widest aperture / f-stop 1.6
Optical zoom 20 x
Digital zoom 100 x
Combined zoom 120 x


Supported media SD, MiniDV


Built-in microphone Yes
Microphone input Yes


Video out Yes
Connection(s) Accessory shoe, 3.5mm stereo audio, S-Video, FireWire


Model BP-915
Removable Yes

Bundled accessories

Bundled accessories SS-650 Shoulder Strap, WL-D77 Wireless Controller, Lens Hood

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No recent discussions about Canon GL2.

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  • 7.0
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    Reviewed by OmyMelo (Currently owns)

    For a budding videographer this is the perfect camera. It features enough manual controls that you can make your videos truly shine. While this is not a recent camera and thus only shoots in SD it's still not a bad proposition if you can find one used. It does have a firewire port so you can export all your clips for editing using any of your preferred video editors.

    Its a small and compact camera and while not rugged it can take a few tumbles in an improperly padded bag(not advocating you do this of course!). The conveniently placed handle on the top gives you access to a secondary set of controls so getting those peculiar shots is never an issue.

    Again it may not be the newest camera out there but if you can find one cheap on Ebay it makes a great introductory camera for budding videographers especially those into skateboarding or other sports as a variety of 3rd party fish eye lenses are available for this camera.

    The Breakdown

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    • Hardware / design 8
    • Image quality 8
    • Video quality 8
    • Interface / controls 7
    • Features 8
    • Performance 8
    • Lens ecosystem 6
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