Apple LED Cinema Display (27-inch)

Basic Specs

Screen size (diagonal) 27 inches
Surface Glossy
Aspect ratio 16:9
Video in Mini DisplayPort

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Tech Specs


Width 25.7 inches
Height 19.35 inches
Depth 8.15 inches
Weight 23.5 pounds
Color Silver / Black


Screen size (diagonal) 27 inches
Surface Glossy
Aspect ratio 16:9
Native resolution (X) 2560
Native resolution (Y) 1440
Technology LCD
Viewing angle (horizontal) 178 °

Audio \ Webcam

Built-in speaker(s) 2
Built-in-microphone Yes
Built-in webcam Yes
Webcam resolution VGA


Video in Mini DisplayPort
USB 2.0 3

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No recent news about Apple LED Cinema Display (27-inch).

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No recent discussions about Apple LED Cinema Display (27-inch).

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by JackParry (Currently owns)

    The 27" Apple Cinema Display is, quite frankly, the best display I've ever owned.

    The 27" monster that is the Apple Cinema Display is another of Apple's extremely well designed and functional products, clocking in at a super-high resolution of 2560 x 1440. The resolution of the display is higher than that of my television, and it definitely shows whilst the display is in use. To test out the capability of the display, I decided to sample some 1080p footage from Disney's animated adventure Tangled and all I can say is that I was blown away by the quality of the image. Colour is accurate and images are sharp and detailed.

    The Apple Cinema Display was also one of the few displays out there at launch, beside actual television sets, to include IPS (In-Plane Switching). IPS is a way of displaying the liquid crystals in the LCD panel rather differently from other TFT displays, which in turn allows you to view the display from larger angles, without image distortion, than normal displays would allow for (billed at by Apple as 178 degrees vertical/horizontal). This is a fantastic feature and is a true god send for those who want the best from their displays and those who depend on it such as graphic designers who need the true colour reproduction at wide angles of which IPS allows.

    The Apple Cinema Display is also a well designed product in of it self. Almost in minimalist fashion, all that is visible on the front of the product is the bezel, display, Apple logo and stand. No buttons and no wires. In fact all wires from the display are routed through a small circular hole on the back of the stand which helps to both hide and neatly employ some cable management. The back of the display is virtually identical to an iMac. When looking at the display, the most immediate comparison one can draw is to that of a giant iPad, it is a very well done design.

    In terms of features, the Apple Cinema Display is the true MacBook companion. The display utilises a front facing high resolution camera, microphone, 3-port USB hub and Magsafe charger. Employing this display into my MacBook Pro setup was easy as plugging in the three cables (USB/MDP/Magsafe) and starting up.

    All in all, the Apple Cinema Display is one of the best displays out there you can buy for your PC or Mac, I personally use the display with a MacBook Pro and PC. It truly is the perfect companion for anyone looking for the best in design and functionality. The only fault I can think of, which resulted in a point loss in design score, is the use of Mini Displayport rather than another common AV interface such as HDMI, necessitating the need to purchase an expensive adapter for older Apple/non MDP products (i.e Most PCs/DVI Macs).

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    • Design 9
    • Display quality 10
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