Lytro Light Field Camera

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There are a few easy ways to make a digital camera better: make the sensor bigger, improve the quality of the lens, speed up the processor. But those are incremental improvements on a basic technology that hasn’t changed much in a long time. Lytro scrapped all that and built the self-titled Lytro camera, a digital camera that neither looks nor operates like any camera you’ve ever seen: it measures megarays instead of megapixels, captures light fields instead of light, and lets you focus your...

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Basic Specs

Camera type Point-and-shoot
3D capture Stills
Sensor size Other
Effective pixels 1.2 megapixels

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Tech Specs

Pricing (base kit)

SKU description 8GB Model, 16GB Model


Camera type Point-and-shoot
Width 1.61 inches
Height 1.61 inches
Depth 4.41 inches
Weight 0.47 pounds
Color Gray / Black, Red / Black, Cyan / Black
3D capture Stills


Sensor size Other
Effective pixels 1.2 megapixels


Size 1.46 inches
Touch technology Capacitive


Widest aperture / f-stop 2
Optical zoom 8 x


Internal size 8 GB, 16 GB


Connection(s) USB


Removable No

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No recent discussions about Lytro Light Field Camera.

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  • 6.0
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    Reviewed by iRonald (Previously owned)

    The Lytro camera is a nice piece of hardware and it definitely is an interesting bit of technology. It’s difficult to be hard on this camera since it is brand new technology and the first generation is never the best, especially in a technology that has not matured yet. For $100, I would say this is a fine camera to take around with you and use when you get the opportunity to take an image that this camera does best. For $399, it’s a bit hard to recommend. This camera is expensive for being a one trick pony. It’s hard to say but it’s true, it only does one type of photography well and that’s a shame. It’s also not something I personally would pay $399 for, especially when you can pick up a point and shoot for less than that, get better JPEG images and you can create the same effect that the Lytro camera does. Again, I do not want to discredit the technology because the tech behind the camera is incredible and I see it going far (perhaps being implemented into a cell phone or DSLR) but right now in this early stage, for $399, I can’t say I can recommend it to the average consumer or to anyone who cares about picture quality over focusing after you take a picture.

    The Breakdown

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    • Hardware / design 7
    • Image quality 3
    • Interface / controls 6
    • Features 9
    • Performance 7
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