Apple MacBook Air (11-inch, mid 2012)

Basic Specs

Laptop type Ultraportable
Thickness .68 inches
Weight 2.38 pounds
Operating system Mac OS X
Screen size (diagonal) 11.6 inches
CPU brand Intel
CPU family Ivy Bridge
Graphics type Integrated
Integrated GPU model HD Graphics 4000

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Tech Specs


Laptop type Ultraportable
Width 11.8 inches
Depth 7.56 inches
Thickness .68 inches
Weight 2.38 pounds
Color Silver


Operating system Mac OS X
Notable apps OS X 10.7 Lion

Display (base)

Screen size (diagonal) 11.6 inches
Display surface Glossy
Technology LCD
Backlight LED
Resolution (X) 1366 px
Resolution (Y) 768 px


Type Chiclet
Backlit Yes
Number pad No


Type(s) Trackpad
Multitouch Yes
Multitouch points 4

Processor (base)

CPU brand Intel
CPU family Ivy Bridge
Model Core i5-3317U
Cores 2
Clockspeed 1.7 GHz
Turbo clockspeed 2.6 GHz

Processor (max)

Brand Intel
Family Ivy Bridge
Model Core i7-3667U
Cores 2
Clockspeed 2 GHz
Turbo clockspeed 3.2 GHz

GPU (base)

Graphics type Integrated
Integrated GPU brand Intel
Integrated GPU model HD Graphics 4000


Base RAM size 4 GB
Max. config RAM size 8 GB
RAM type DDR3
Base RAM speed 1600 MHz


Options Flash Memory (SSD)
Base drive type Flash (SSD)
Base drive capacity 64 GB
Max. config SSD 512 GB


Speakers 2


Video resolution 720p


Ambient light Yes

Port options

USB 3.0 2
Thunderbolt 1
3.5mm mic / headphone combo 1


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi options 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b, 802.11a
802.11n frequencies 5GHz, 2.4GHz
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version 4.0


Size 35 Wh
Chemistry Lithium Polymer (Li-Po)
Removable No
Quoted time 5 hr

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No recent news about Apple MacBook Air (11-inch, mid 2012).

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No recent discussions about Apple MacBook Air (11-inch, mid 2012).

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by MrGLStacy (Currently owns)

    Best computer I've ever owned.

    Design: It's the MacBook Air design. We all know. I love it. It looks great and is extremely functional. I love the small size. It's small yet usable. I couldn't think of a better design.

    Keyboard: Very good. The slightly slanted design makes the keyboard very ergonomic. The throw, travel and spacing beat that on any other laptop I've used. The backlit keyboard is also nice.

    Touchpad: It's an Apple trackpad. It's fantastic.

    Display: The display is absolutely above average. The sharpness, color accuracy, viewing angles are all good. At the time that I write this I would say that display is worth NOT waiting for a "Retina" Air to be released. The biggest downsides are that the viewing, while good, are not the best and the color, while also good, could defiantly improve.

    Performance: Great, great, great great. I bought a model with 4gbs of RAM (I went with 4gbs because I bought a refurbed model. If you're buying new I would defiantly say the extra $100 dollars is worth it). I found the RAM to adequate 95% of the time for what I do. Everything feels extremely fast Where I'd like more performance is for when I'm importing and exporting videos into iMovie.

    Heat/Noise: It occasionally get a little hot and sometimes that fan kicks on. I rarely do tasks that would would result in these things. When I say rarely, I really mean RARELY.

    Battery Life: Battery life is pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. When doing my normal tasks (Safari, Pages, Notes, iTunes) I get right about 5hrs with about display brightness around 75%.

    Software: I'm a huge Mountain Lion fan. It's defiantly my favorite OS.

    The Breakdown

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    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • Design 10
    • Keyboard 9
    • Touchpad 10
    • Display 8
    • Performance 9
    • Heat / noise 9
    • Battery life 8
    • Software 10
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