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Earlier this year, I made a pretty drastic change in my camera set up. I left behind my trusty Canon DSLR, and the lenses and accessories that had served me well for six years, and I picked up a Sony NEX-5N mirrorless camera. My reason for making the swap was purely convenience: I was just tired of lugging around my DSLR and all of its accoutrements every time I wanted better photos than my smartphone could offer. The NEX-5N solved this problem nicely — it's remarkably small and significantly...

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Basic Specs

Camera type Mirrorless / Interchangeable Lens
Sensor size APS-C
Sensor type CMOS
Effective pixels 16.1 megapixels
Articulating / hinged screen Yes
RAW support RAW, RAW + JPEG
Supported media SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo

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Tech Specs

Pricing (base kit)

SKU description Includes an 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens with OSS (Sony's image stabilization)

Pricing (body only)

Price at launch 650 $


Camera type Mirrorless / Interchangeable Lens
Width 4.36 inches
Height 2.31 inches
Depth 1.53 inches
Weight .61 pounds
Color Silver, White, Black


Sensor size APS-C
Size .93 inches by .61 inches
Sensor type CMOS
Effective pixels 16.1 megapixels


Minimum ISO 100
Maximum ISO 25600
Max. continuous shooting speed 10 FPS


Size 3 inches
Resolution 921000 dots
Touch technology Resistive
Articulating / hinged screen Yes


Video capture Yes
Max. resolution 1080p
Standard framerate(s) 60


Supported video formats MPEG-4, H.264, AVCHD
RAW support RAW, RAW + JPEG


Interchangeable Yes
Supported mounts Sony E
Digital zoom 4 x


Wi-Fi Yes


Supported media SD, SDHC, SDXC, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo


Connection(s) HDMI, HDMI mini


Removable Yes


Flash Yes (Built-in)

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No recent discussions about Sony NEX-5R.

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  • 8.0
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    Reviewed by allened (Currently owns)

    Since some in the Photography Forum did say there is a supreme lack of user reviews, taking a shot at writing my first short form review for the NEX 5R. As for me, I'm not some wonderful photographer in all things of photography, but this was my first mirror less ILC camera purchase. Coming from Nikon D80, wasn't entirely sure about going with one a Sony and two a camera without a viewfinder. So it was an experience to say the least just switching from a staring through a peep hole to having to shot at the hip. I'd say my skill level isn't much higher than an amateur but I have some intermediate knowledge on photography from my use of my previous DSLR; Nikon D80.
    The interface on the Sony isn't exactly the most intuitive UI, but it does give a lot of hints for how to use features, and how to use certain camera functionality. Not going to lie it was a lot better at explaining how to use the camera on the camera then the Nikon i previous had to read the instruction manual to figure out how to learn. The general usage of the camera however is pretty easy to get once you use it, and the extra mode dial with the FN key really helps a lot when using HDR mode and some of the extra functions of the camera. But same I mentioned earlier changing those preset shortcuts is definitely odd for no good reason but definitely doable.
    Image Quality and Camera Shooting
    The actually image quality pleasantly surprised me for I honestly didn't have much expectation for a camera this size to put out such high quality not too noisy shots especially when the ISO was cranked up past 1600. Honestly it was fun being able to take some shots I know would have never come out all that well on the older D80 I used but it was definitely capable and much more so even when you utilize the main stock 18-55mm lens.
    Accessories and Lens Buying
    This one is probably the only real gripe I have with Sony. It still kind of hard finding the versatility of E-mount lens and the like to buy. However like a lot of people that go with the NEX system, there's a ton of adapters to use for Sony's Alpha line or other brands like Minolta, Leica mounts.
    Overall, I really like the system, though I do eventually want to try out the NEX 6 for its built-in flash and the slightly different live viewfinder. If you’re a user that's someone unsure about what ILC system to try, just go look at both the NEX and the PEN/LUMIX series cameras.

    The Breakdown

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10
    • Hardware / design 7
    • Image quality 9
    • Video quality 8
    • Interface / controls 7
    • Features 8
    • Performance 9
    • Lens ecosystem 6
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