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It's been almost exactly a year since Scott Forstall left Apple and Jony Ive and Craig Federighi were put in charge of both iOS and OS X. That gave Apple a chance to create a single, unified design, to make the iPad and Mac into one. Apple's long talked about “bringing together the OS teams” and bringing iOS features “back to the Mac,” and converging the two operating systems seemed like a logical move. But that's not what happened. Not really. Version 10.9 of OS X, called...

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Basic Specs

Software type Operating system
Distribution Online
Version 10.9

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Tech Specs


Software type Operating system
Distribution Online
Version 10.9

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  • 4.0
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    Reviewed by J-Elf (Currently owns)

    Stay Away!!!!!!! Nothing but trouble since I upgraded. Looks pretty but basic functionality is lost. It takes over 40 minutes for me to receive an email. I haven't been able to see any emails in my flagged folders since I upgraded to Mavericks.

    Apple software may look pretty and have some bells and whistles, but basic features come and go with apparently no thought to common functionality. Similar lack of thought in Pages, Numbers, etc. All my images are lost when I open a table. I can't put images into a table anymore. What were these people thinking.

    Apple may make products that look pretty these days, but their software is getting worse and worse. Even hardware is becoming form over function. iPhone 5 is slimmer but the battery is no better then the iPhone 4 from outsider reviewers. The universe seems to be catching up and passing Apple. It's sad.

    I need a new phone and new laptop, and I've been an Apple user for years but I think it might be time to go in another direction. I think I'll get a different phone and if that goes well, maybe the laptop will follow. The monies I save can pay for software purchases to replace Apple products.

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