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The Sonos Play:3 might be small for a speaker but it's a critical part of the company's strategy to increase its visibility. As such, the entry-level all-in-one "Wireless Hi-Fi" had better perform -- capable of impressing current Sonos customers already accustomed to a premium wireless music experience that just works, while attracting mainstream attention from consumers increasingly seduced by Apple's AirPlay siren. Sonos' plan is two-fold: 1) lower the price of entry, and 2) simplify its...

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Basic Specs

Color White / Gray, Black / Gray
Total speaker drivers 3
Wireless streaming Proprietary

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Tech Specs


Width 10.6 inches
Depth 6.3 inches
Height 5.2 inches
Weight 5.71 pounds
Color White / Gray, Black / Gray


Mid-range speaker(s) 2
Mid-range speaker size (diam.) 3 inches
Tweeter speaker(s) 1
Total speaker drivers 3


Ethernet port(s) 1
Wireless streaming Proprietary

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by ColinR (Currently owns)

    The Verge doesn't have listings for any of the other Sonos products, but this is a review of the Sonos system as a whole. I have used the Connect, Connect:Amp, Bridge, Play:5, Dock, Sonos Control and the iPhone, iPad, and PC apps. The Play:3 is actually the only current Sonos product I haven't used.

    Sonos is by far the best way to play music around your home. So who else is competing with them in this space? The custom installation industry has had numerous solutions for wealthy home owners over the decades. Expensive home control systems from Crestron, AMX, Control4, Savant and more, have been clumsily providing a way to play music into different rooms for years. Nearly all of these solutions require a dedicated closet full of equipment and wires to be strung through walls to the different speakers and control panels. These solutions are all very expensive, require programming and often do far more than the average music lover wants. Contrary to your first thought, Apple does not have any solutions for this. Airplay is pretty limited, and is not at all designed with multiple rooms in mind.

    The Sonos system is simple, high quality, affordable and very connected. All you need to do is connect one Sonos device to your home network and put additional devices in any room you want music. The Sonos devices create their own wireless mesh network and are supremely reliable. I have installed a system in a 10,000 square foot home and it works flawlessly. You can play different music in every room or the same music in multiple rooms at the once.

    "All the music on earth", is what they say and boy, they aren't kidding! Music on your computer/NAS, Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, MOG, Slacker, iHeartRadio... Pretty much any source of music you can think of is available. What's even better is Sonos actively adds new services all the time. Americans didn't have to wait long for Spotify on Sonos... If a friend brings their iPhone or iPod over, it can be dropped into the dock and BOOM, any music on it is now available to the whole system. Analog music? No problem, just connect it to an AUX port on either the Connect, Connect:Amp or Play:5.

    Controlling the system is dead simple with any Android or iOS device, just install the free app. Or you can buy the dedicated remote, which works exactly the same as the app, except it's slightly more responsive and has some dedicated buttons. Or you can control the system with a computer on the network. The apps could be better designed, but they're perfectly functional otherwise.

    I dare you to find a better way to play music throughout home than the Sonos!

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    • Design 9
    • Sound quality 9
    • Connectivity 10
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