Dell Precision M4700

Basic Specs

Laptop type Desktop replacement
Thickness 1.44 inches
Weight 6.33 pounds
Operating system Windows 7
Screen size (diagonal) 15.6 inches
CPU brand Intel
CPU family Ivy Bridge
Graphics type Discrete
Base discrete GPU brand AMD
Optical drive type Slot-loading

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Tech Specs


Laptop type Desktop replacement
Width 14.8 inches
Depth 10.08 inches
Thickness 1.44 inches
Weight 6.33 pounds
Color Black


Operating system Windows 7

Display (base)

Screen size (diagonal) 15.6 inches
Technology LCD
Backlight LED
Resolution (X) 1366 px
Resolution (Y) 768 px

Display (max)

Size (diagonal) 15.6 inches
Technology IPS LCD
Backlit LED
Resolution (X) 1920 px
Resolution (Y) 1080 px


Type Standard
Backlit Optional
Number pad Yes


Type(s) Trackpad
Multitouch Yes

Processor (base)

CPU brand Intel
CPU family Ivy Bridge
Model Core i5-3320M

Processor (max)

Brand Intel
Family Ivy Bridge
Model Core i7-3920XM

GPU (base)

Graphics type Discrete
Base discrete GPU brand AMD
Discrete GPU model FirePro M4000 Mobility Pro
Dedicated VRAM size 1 GB

GPU (max)

Discrete GPU brand Nvidia
Discrete GPU model Quadro K2000M
Dedicated VRAM size 2 GB


Max. config RAM size 32 GB
RAM type DDR3
Base RAM speed 1600 MHz
RAM slots 4


Options HDD (Unspecified RPM), Flash Memory (SSD)
Max. config HDD 1 TB
Max. config SSD 512 GB
Card reader Yes

Optical Drive

Optical drive type Slot-loading
Compatible media DVD-ROM, DVD±R/RW, BD-ROM, Blu-ray burner


Speakers 2


Biometric scanner Optional

Port options

USB 3.0 2
Combo eSATA / USB 1
Ethernet 1
DisplayPort 1
3.5mm mic / headphone combo 1
Card slot(s) ExpressCard/54, Smart Card
Docking connector Yes


Wi-Fi Yes
Wi-Fi options 802.11n
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth version 4.0
3G Optional
WWAN data standards supported HSPA+


Size 6 cell
Chemistry Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

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No recent news about Dell Precision M4700.

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No recent discussions about Dell Precision M4700.

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    Reviewed by leave.comments (Previously owned)

    I bought the m4700 5 months ago and it was broken on delivery. They sent a tech guy out who replaced the screen, hard drive, video card and something else. 3 service calls the first week I had the new computer.
    The computer shut down all the time and gave me copious blue screens. After hours on the computer with the remote repair they gave up finally. After 3.5 months of nothing but problems. Then 3 weeks ago they sent me a brand new m4800. After two weeks it totally broke. It is unfixable. The tech guy replaced the motherboard, video card, power source twice in a week and it is unfix-able. I asked for a refund. They refuse. I have documented all the phone calls and hours and I have spent over 30 hours and been hung up on over 25 times in 5 months. Or "disconnected" They bounce you from India, to the wrong dept, to this and that and no one takes responsibility for your case. It is so bad.
    Nightmare, total total nightmare. I am in the small-medium business sector so that is better service than the consumer, so it it is this bad for me, if you buy not as a business I cannot imagine how bad it would be.
    I rely on these kind of reviews to help me avoid this kind of trouble. If I had read this review, I would of never bought a Dell.
    With both the m4700 and m4800 if you go online and google "broken, blue screen of death", not working and go to the Dell Support Community you will find 100's of stories like mine. Dell has a problem wtih these machines. One of the CS reps even said to me today, our software is crap. Save yourself the heartache and do not buy a Dell.

    The Breakdown

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    • 10
    • Design 3
    • Keyboard 4
    • Touchpad 4
    • Display 5
    • Performance 1
    • Heat / noise 3
    • Software 4
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