Roku Streaming Stick (2014)

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It happens every time I travel. I come back to my hotel room, flop into a freshly made bed, pick up the (probably sticky) black remote, and turn on the TV. I’m given the option to mortgage my home to watch a just-out-of-theaters movie, aimlessly surf through a bunch of local and basic cable channels, or take my chances with whatever’s on HBO. I flip through the 28 or so channels for about a half hour, and settle on some offshoot of Storage Wars before I go to sleep. The Roku Streaming...

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Basic Specs

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Tech Specs


Width .4 inches
Depth 2.7 inches
Height 1 inches
Weight .05 pounds
Color Purple


Audio codecs supported AAC, MP3
Video codecs supported H.264, MP4, MKV

Audio / Video

Max. video resolution 1080p

Output ports

HDMI output(s) 1


Wi-Fi Yes
Built-in Wi-Fi support 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n

Bundled remote control

Connection type Wi-Fi

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No recent discussions about Roku Streaming Stick (2014).

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    Reviewed by artistic.intelligence (Currently owns)

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    • Design 10
    • Software 10
    • Content selection 10
    • Performance 10
    • Accessories, remote 10
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