Tivo Premiere Elite

Basic Specs

Audio decoding THX
Audio channels 5.1
Internal storage 2 TB
External storage support Yes

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Tech Specs


Width 0.65 inches
Depth 0.38 inches
Height 0.09 inches
Color Black

Audio / Video

Audio decoding THX
Audio channels 5.1
Max. video resolution 1080p

Storage / Data

Internal storage 2 TB
External storage support Yes

Input ports

Coaxial RF input(s) 1
CableCARD 1
Composite / Component combo input(s) 1
Digital optical audio input(s) 1
HDMI input(s) 1


Ethernet 1
Wi-Fi Optional (proprietary)

Bundled remote control

Connection type IR
Remote model Tivo Glo remote
Universal Yes
Backlit Yes

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No recent discussions about Tivo Premiere Elite.

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  • 9.0
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    Reviewed by TechWzrd (Currently owns)

    I recently upgraded my Series 3 box and TiVo HD box to a TiVo Premiere Elite in the living room and a standard TiVo Premiere in the bedroom. The new 20.2 software that is rolling out to all Series 4 boxes absolutely rocks as was highlighted in Nilay's review here --> http://www.theverge.com/2012/1/10/2697812/tivo-shows-off-streaming-dvr-content-to-ipad-with-prototype

    After new Netflix and YouTube apps roll out this spring the design will be even better. We are still waiting for a new Amazon app that supports Amazon Prime streaming.

    TiVo's communication from a company perspective has recently dramatically changed from the very quiet company to a company that is actively participating on twitter, facebook and even on the TiVo community forum. This is a welcome change as TiVo users now have a direct avenue for providing feedback and receiving rationale for design changes.

    The bottom-line is the new 20.2 TiVo software update which adds Multi-Room Streaming (MRS) and integrates Hulu Plus into the unified search results continues to differentiate TiVo as the One-Box that integrates linear and Over The Top television. For some users in the Comcast footprint the TiVo box will even begin integrating the Comcast on-demand selection in the next few months.

    Lastly, TiVo is about to publish their Software Development Kit which will allow more apps on the TiVo itself, via Android or Apple tablets, or via the web/PC. This is another welcome development that should allow even more content and second/third screen support than TiVo users currently experience. By the way, the recently released Android app is very good but still needs additional features added to compare to the iPad companion app.

    The Breakdown

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    • Design 9
    • Software 9
    • Content selection 8
    • Performance 8
    • Accessories, remote 9
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